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Ronnie James Dio

Heavy-metal legend Ronnie James Dio died five years ago this Saturday after a short but intense battle with cancer. One of his biggest fans is Jack Black. Along with his Tenacious D bandmate, Kyle Gass, Black paid tribute to the onetime Black Sabbath and Rainbow frontman by writing a song about him, “Dio,” and giving him a guest spot in their movie Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. This year, they won the Best Metal Performance Grammy for their rendition of the 1984 solo Dio classic “The Last in Line,” which is featured on 2014’s This Is Your Life compilation.

Both members of Tenacious D will be in attendance at this weekend’s Ronnie James Dio 5th Year Remembrance events, alongside Tom Morello, Lita Ford and members of Dio’s band, who will all celebrate the singer’s legacy while helping to raise awareness and funding to fight cancer. Shortly before the event, Jack Black caught up with Rolling Stone to explain the effect Dio had on his life.

When did you first hear Dio?
The first time I heard of Ronnie James Dio was the summer of 1982. I was 13 years old, living in Culver City, California. A kid across the street was wearing this kick-ass [Black Sabbath] Mob Rules baseball T-shirt. It had an ominous painting of some faceless creatures holding whips. I bought the album and was blown away by the title track right out of the gate. Dio’s gymnastic vocalizations along with [guitarist] Tony Iommi’s rolling thunder riffs were impossible to resist. This was my introduction to Black Sabbath and set the stage for my lifelong obsession with heavy metal music.

How would you describe Ronnie’s impact on metal?
Ronnie’s singing voice had an almost operatic quality never before heard in the genre. While he claimed to have no formal classical music training, his total command of his vocal instrument was undeniable. Between the flawless vibrato and athletic melodic lines, the level of difficulty was off the charts. This is undoubtedly why there hasn’t been another vocalist like him in metal before or since. The heavy metal Pavarotti… and an American! That was a great source of national pride since the U.K. had bragging rights to so many metal vocalists before him. He was our guy… and he kicked major ass.

When did you first meet Dio?
I first met Ronnie on the set of a music video he was doing for a song called “Push” [in 2002]. He knew we were fans and asked us to make a little cameo. Of course we were nervous to meet him, but he couldn’t have been a nicer guy. He was super warm and jovial, humble and relaxed – a real class act with a tremendous sense of humor.

Tenacious D and Ronnie James Dio
Tenacious D and Ronnie James Dio. Courtesy of like management

Were you nervous about what he’d think of the Tenacious D song “Dio”?
We had no idea how he would react to the song. It was about how we wanted him to pass the torch of rock supremacy to us, Tenacious D, and that he’d enjoyed the spoils of heavy metal dominance long enough and it was our turn to reign supreme. Ultimately, it was an ode to his greatness but it could’ve easily been misconstrued as an insult. But Dio was a wise soul. He felt the love behind our humor and put our minds at ease. It was something he was known for: When he wasn’t onstage raising hell, he exuded a mellow peaceful vibe. His hang-ability quotient was extremely high.

How did you get him into the Pick of Destiny movie?
After establishing a relationship with him, we were emboldened to ask a favor of our new friend. He agreed to perform a cameo in our movie. It was for the opening song in the film and required a pre-recording studio visit. He showed up like a seasoned vet all warmed up and ready to blow doors down. I swear he nailed it on the first take. He offered to double the vocal but we wouldn’t hear of it. Those pipes were pristine and required no bolstering whatsoever.

I was embarrassed because the song we wrote borrowed heavily from a song he wrote years before, [Black Sabbath’s] “Neon Knights,” but while he recognized the similarities he graciously placed it in the category of an “homage” and gave us his full blessing. He also gave a blistering acting performance on film and I really can’t imagine the movie without him. He was actually too good – by far, the best part of the movie. Look at how many downloads his scene has on YouTube. He’s a tough act to follow indeed!

When was the last time you spoke to him?
I wish our paths had crossed more often. He was frequently on tour ’til the end, and I was always working on other projects but I will always remember his kindness and his bold contributions to the arts.

Tenacious D won the metal Grammy this year for your cover of Dio’s “The Last in Line.” What does that mean to you?
We won the Grammy for Best Metal Performance, but really it was Dio that won that award. We just tried to do that song justice. The truth is, the original is far superior to our version and the fact that we won is just a testament to the lasting power of Ronnie’s enduring legacy. The song resonated with me because it delivered a message beyond the usual doom and gloom, a sense of community with the rest of us metal compatriots. Dio was telling us that even though society held us in low regard because of our long hair and rough exterior, our destiny was beyond their comprehension. We were “The Last In Line” and proud of it.

You’ll be at the “Bowl for Ronnie” tournament this weekend. Why is participating in the Dio Remembrance Celebration important to you?
I’m looking forward to celebrating the life of a great man. Simple as that. It will be good to be around other people that looked up to him and have a deep respect for his work and people that worked with him and loved him. It’s important to remember those who gave us so much.

Anything else you want to add?
In this age of electronic music and robotic voice synthesizers, I hope there is a kid out there with the talent and the sense of adventure to follow in Dio’s footsteps. Rock & roll could use another Ronnie James Dio right about now.

Top 6 Questions To Ask When Planning A Celebration For Someone Turning Ninety

A 90th birthday is a very important milestone. If you’re planning a party to celebrate this event, you’ll want to make sure all the details are just right. Find the answers to these six simple questions and you’ll be on your way to making it a truly happy occasion.

Questions To Ask the Guest of Honor

1. Who should be invited? The most important part of a 90th birthday party are the friends, family, neighbors, former classmates and coworkers who will share this special celebration with him.  This should be a reunion of the people who have blessed his life. Let him compile the guest list.  That way you won’t miss anyone significant to him.

2. What’s your favorite music? Whether the party is a big bash or a small gathering, you’ll need background music to help create a festive atmosphere. But before you assume his choice would be the big band sounds from his youth, ask him. He might surprise you and say he prefers soft rock, ballads or country.  Let the sounds of celebration reflect his style.

3. What should be on the menu?  Salmon almondine might sound good to you, but he may not like it. Also, you have to consider his dietary restrictions. If he’s supposed to stay away from sugar or anything with a high fat content, you should make sure you avoid those items. Although everyone at the party will be partaking of the food, your main focus should be on what he likes and can eat. Go over a list of possible items with him and let him select his favorites. You can design the meal using that information.

4. What kind of party would you enjoy? Some ninety year olds may prefer a quiet, intimate event.  Others might like a large celebration with dancing, games and entertainment. The quiet person would feel overwhelmed by the noisy bash.  The lively celebrant might be bored at the toned down get together. Let him give you guidelines of what he thinks would be fun and what would be too much.  Also find out if he would prefer a casual or formal affair. This way you can plan festivities that fit the guest of honor’s preferences.

Questions To Ask Your Guests

5. What are your favorite memories of the guest of honor?  Ask easch person to write them down and send them to you to include in a scrapbook you’re assembling. Or you could encourage them to take turns sharing them at the party. They could do this as a tribute in front of the celebrant and other guests. Or another option would be to take video of individuals telling their stories. A DVD of those comments could be presented at the end of the party.

You could also ask your future guests to name some things that they admire and love about the birthday boy or girl. Try to build a list of 90 things from all the responses (give each person credit for their answer).  You could present this in book form as a gift from everyone at the party.

6. Do you have photos of the birthday boy or girl?  Photographs are such an important part of a 90th birthday celebration. You can use them for invitations, centerpieces, decorations, party favors, thank you cards and in a keepsake scrapbook.  Old snapshots evoke wonderful memories and focus attention on the celebrant. So ask everyone on your guest list to send you copies of photos by mail, email, posting them on Facebook or any other imaginable way. Use them liberally in all aspects of this occasion.

Listen to your guest of honor’s responses to learn the most important information in planning his 90th birthday party. He’ll give you an idea who to invite, what music to play, food to serve and type of celebration he prefers. Then ask your guests to supply the memories in words and photographs. All you have to do is add a few of your own personal touches, and all the pieces will come together to make this an event to remember.

5 Steps for Mastering Your Alternate Picking Technique

The idea of this article came to me when a friend asked how come that I am able to pick so fast and clean. I honestly told him that I just practiced a lot, but this answer made think that in fact I can give a blueprint to my alternate picking technique if I stay and analyze the problem a bit.

So that is how I came up with these 5 steps of mastering the alternate picking technique

1. Focus on your right hand

In the beginning it is hard to focus on both hands and that is how most guitarists get into the habit of down stroking, as they focus on the fretting hand rather then the picking one. I remember that I muted the strings with my fretting hand and just practice various note values on the muted strings.

2. Use a metronome

When I practiced the above alternate picking exercises I used a metronome. This helped me with my technique as well as it helped me with improving my timing when playing. So it was a win-win situation.  I selected a low bpm at the start and I gradually increased the spped.

3. Start slowly

I read a book once about memory muscle and it explained that it is crucial to start slow so you can be able to play relaxed. Practicing with tension will build up tension in your muscles and you will always play tensed.

4. Practice the licks you play starting with both up and down strokes

This concept will get you familiarized with many interesting situations when it comes to alternate picking. This exercise also has the benefit of letting you feel more relaxed when playing.  You will also gain a lot of speed especially if you first practice with an upstroke, then with a down stroke.

5. Hold your pick at an angle of 45 degrees when tremolo picking

This technique will give many advantages, it will speed up your playing as well it will clean it a lot. If you are intro metal try learning some swedish death metal, metal core or death  ore songs. Tremolo picking as well as high speeds are a trademark of these genres.

These are the major aspects that improved my playing a lot. I still practice the exercises that I recommended you in this alternate picking article. Although these exercises will seem very easy, emember one thing: “The only way to do complex things easyly you first must be able to do simple things perfectly”.

With that said i wish you all the best with your alternate picking practice.

60 Female House Songs for Cabaret and Musicals Singers

You’re a singer looking for great audience songs for women. Have you thought about a “House song” from a Musical?
A House song bridges the gap between the audience and the singer, when the character comes out of the story on stage and speaks directly to the viewers, know that he (and the drama) is being watched.

In Musical theater there are not many real House songs, but there are a number of songs you can alter to make your performance cross that invisible fourth wall between you and the audience.

In this article I suggest 60 songs for women from the Musical Theater repertoire that could be sung as a House song. They fall into three categories: the true House song, the audience number and the soliloquy.

In the first category, the true House song, the musical is written deliberately for the character to step out of the drama and speak to the viewers. Think of Diva’s Lament from Spamalot, or You Can Always Count On Me from City of Angels. When You’re Good To Mama from Chicago springs to mind immediately. Other true House songs include Big Spender from Sweet Charity (originally a chorus number but can be sung by one person), I’m Still Here from Follies, Broadway Baby from Follies, I Just Wanna Dance from Jerry Springer, Jonny One Note from Babes in Arms, and Nobody Does It Like Me – the Cy Coleman song from the musical SeeSaw. And Miss Byrd from Closer Than Ever shares her secret across the fourth wall.

Many of the songs from the Victorian Music Hall era work as house numbers including Waiting At the Church, If It Wasn’t For the ‘Ouses In Between, and even ballads such as The Boy I Love Is Up In The Gallery. Then there are the songs written in a Musical style such as Girl in 14G, and The Alto’s Lament.

In the second category, the character sings to an audience in her world as part of the plot. Good and Evil from Jekyll and Hyde is a great example as Lucy sings to the drinkers in the pub where she works. Then there’s Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Evita), I Speak Six Languages from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Beat Out Dat Rhythm from Carmen Jones, Man Wanted from Copacabana, and Blow Gabriel Blow from Anything Goes. The Saga Of Jenny from Lady in the Dark is sung in a courtroom, and you might just get away with Life of the Party from Wild Party.

The unifocus song is the third type of House number – it’s usually a soliloquy in which the character is asking questions. One of the most well-known songs is I Cain’t Say No from Oklahoma. Then there’s I’m Shy from Once Upon A Mattress, Everybody Says Don’t, and There Won’t Be Trumpets, from Anyone Can Whistle, and I’m A Stranger Here Myself from One Touch of Venus. Check out Holding To The Ground from Falsettos, My Brother Lived In San Francisco from Elegies for Angels Punks and Raging Queens, I Hate Men from Kiss Me Kate, and My Strongest Suit from Aida. For the more old-fashioned amongst you, there’s I Think I May Want To Remember Today from Starting Here, Starting Now, Tale of the Oyster (Fifty Million Frenchmen), and The Physician (Nymph Errant).
You can use a strong story song like Waiting For The Music To Begin (Witches of Eastwick) if you use it to tell the audience your story. Another perfect example comes from A Chorus Line, where Diana Morales sings Nothing to Zach who is seated in the (real) audience throughout the show. It’s therefore very easy to turn it into a house number and address the audience directly and individually. Other songs include Gimme Gimme from Thoroughly Modern Millie, I Know Things Now from Into the Woods, Defying Gravity from Wicked, and Always The Bridesmaid from I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.

Back to Sondheim again for The Ladies Who Lunch from Company, The Story of Lucy and Jessie (from certain productions of Follies), and Can That Boy Foxtrot (a duet that can be sung as a solo) from Marry Me A Little, or cut from Follies, depending on who you read.

Then there’s Everybody’s Girl from Steel Pier, Old Fashioned Love Story from Wild Party, When You Got It, Flaunt It from The Producers, and How Did I End Up Here from Romance Romance. You might consider One Hundred Easy Ways from Wonderful Town, or My New Philosophy from You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, and experiment with a song like Cockeyed Optimist from South Pacific.

Another great source of House songs is the revue musical. Closer Than Ever by Maltby and Shire is a good example for songs like Back On Base, or The Bear, The Tiger, The Hamster and The Mole. Or you could consider Songs for a New World by Jason Robert Brown for I’m Not Afraid Of Anything. You can also do what the musicals are doing currently and raid the pop/disco/rock scene for suitable songs – Holding Out For A Hero started as a Bonnie Tyler song but is now in both Footloose and Shrek II

It is unusual for a slower song to work as a house number, but here are a few suggestions: Maybe I Like It This Way from Wild Party, That’s Him from One Touch Of Venus, Why Him from Carmelina, Bill (from Oh Lady! Lady! and versions of Showboat) and of course, Funny Girl from Funny Girl.

Remember that the point of a House song is to speak directly to the viewers, so make sure you look your audience in the eye while you perform.


Why You Should Pass on Hardcore Music Before Exams and Switch to Mozart

It is quite controversial, but effects of heavy metal and hard rock music on the brain is not so great. Please understand me good. I am fan of hard music myself if lyrics are smart and motivate me for action. In the same time it was proven numerous times that when it comes to learning nothing can beat Mozart’s piano concerts.

Effects of music on our brains is mentioned by thousands (if not millions) of people every single day. It means that there is quite a big demand for some knowledge and facts in this area. Some people do not love when their children listen to hard stuff and think that it makes them stupid. This is a stereotype which needs to fall down. It is as untrue as saying that punk music is the best choice for studying history. Music can bring feelings of happiness and joy, but also sorrow and even unpleasant memories. What is truly special about classical music is that it is pretty often kept in the same rhythm in which our heart beats naturally. That is a fact and at least for me was extremely surprising. How does it affect us? It simply makes us calmer, more relaxed and set our minds in a more receptive state. Thanks to that we will learn faster and memorize things more easily. In opposition extremely fast techno will not let us relax easily and through that make learning process harder. Everyone knows that learning brings best effects when it is performed in calm place where we can concentrate. There are few more things you might want to know so let’s roll.

One of the first experiments was performed by American scientists and even if it was extremely simple the results obtained were clear. Subject of research was listening to trash metal for ten minutes and then was asked to put his hands up. Once hands was up two assistants were trying to pull them down and they’ve succeed pretty quickly. Right after half an hour break subject started to listen to classical music and again after ten minutes was asked to put his hands up. In the second try none of the assistants was able to put subject’s hands down. Coincidence or something more? Experiment was repeated many times by many scientists and the results were always the same. Classical music not only strengthen up your mind and creativity, but also makes you physically stronger. It is quite amazing how music affect brain so once you acknowledge it you can start using it as advantage in your life and studies.

Laser Tattoo Removal with the PicoSure

The clear preference for most people considering tattoo removal is the laser treatment. Laser removal for tattoos involves using a very fast laser to break up the tattoo ink. It is then disposed of by the body’s own mechanisms. Previously, it was only possible to use surgical procedures or dermabrasion to cut or scrape the ink out of the skin. This naturally has resulted in many people wanting to avoid tattoo removal, even though these kinds of measures are no longer at all necessary. In fact, laser removal has gotten good results with minimal scarring, and the new PicoSure laser shows even greater promise.

The PicoSure is available at Tataway in Boston, New York, and Allentown. The Tataway in Boston is the only place in New England that offers the PicoSure treatments commercially. They’ve been able to get good results with it in as few as six sessions, and they’ve also been able to remove traditionally stubborn ink like blue and green. For more information, go to their website at



Prom Music Song List

Let me guess, you have been brainstorming the possible prom ideas and maybe even browsed through our prom theme songs; but what about the prom music song list? There are many types of genres that are considered dance music for a high school prom. These variety span all age groups over multiple decades.

Music for a High School Prom

For example students that want top prom dance songs also want throwbacks. You would consider these songs MJ – Thriller, Rick James – Superfreak, Journey – Dont Stop Believing, Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby. Older songs might be a hot pick if it is a class song, or ties in with your school spirit (think mascot and local happenings).

Prom Music Song List

So we have laid it all out below. You can check out our song list of what to play at a high school prom. Once again, this is just to give you a general idea. For any play list that your committee puts together, keep in mind that all songs should be censored with a variety for the students. Remember that this is a dance and that you want to keep it fun for all musical preferences. You can also give your DJ a do not play list if there are any particular songs that is deemed inappropriate. You will find the top 60 songs below that work @ school proms.

Daylight – Kelly Rowland
Sorry – Buck Cherry
Get Buck In here – DJ feli Fel
Kiss Kiss – Chris Brown
Calabria – Enur
Don’t stop the music – rihanna
makes me wonder – maroon 5
paralyzer – finger eleven
sweetest girl – wyclef jean
clumsy – fergie
flashing lights – kanye west
sexy lady – yung berg
I don’t wanna miss a thing – aerosmith
boulevard of broken dreams mashed with wonderwall – greenday/oasis
Beat it – Fall out boy
my own worst enemy – lit
gold digger – kanye west
what is it – Baby Bash
Feedback – Janet
Salt Shaker – Ying Yang Twins
You can do it – ice cube
Sensual seduction – snoop dogg
cupids chokehold – gym class heroes

Get it girl – Bun B & Ying Yang twins
Burn iti up – R Kelly
Bleeding love – leona lewis
elevator – flo rida
ching a ling – Missy Elliot (probably going to replace this with Work It)
Get Me Bodied – Beyonce
Independt – Webbie
Baby Got Back – Sir Mix A Lot
What Hurts the Most – Cascada
Crazy – Gnarls Barkley
Jump On It – Sir Mix A Lot
Buttons – Pussycat Dolls
Sexy Can I – Ray J
Nothin’ – NORE
Love In This CLub – Usher
Toxic – Britney Spears
Make It Rain – Fat Joe
Love song – Sara Bareilles
With You – Chris Brown
Going Back To Cali – LL Cool J (Just first verse and transitions perfectly into following:)
Hey Baby – Bow Wow
Ice Ice Electro – DJ Deville (
Jump Around RMX 2008 – DJ Beatbreaker (
I Got It from my mama – Will ai am
Party like a rockstar – Shop BOyz
You shook me all night long/My Humps Mashup – ACDC/Black Eyed Peas
What is Love – Haddaway
Yeah – Usher
Go Girl – Pittbull
Get Low – Lil Jon & East side boys
Low – Flo Rida
Drop – Ying Yang Twins
Hypnotize – Notorious BIG
Scream – Timbaland
Superstar – Lupe Fiasco
Teardrops on my guitar – Taylor Swift
Make Me Better – Fabolous
Closing Tipsy * – Semisonic/ J Kwon
(courtesy of DJjomo)

The Hottest Songs to Play @ Prom

Did you see any songs in there that you liked? You can expect students to be requesting a majority of the songs you see above. Due to the nature of Michigan Proms, the top 40 song list will vary from week to week. Some songs might stay in this list longer than others, but then again there are those classics that people love. One final recommendation is to mix it up and do not scrutinize over your song list. Any pro Prom DJ company in Michigan will have clean versions of the songs you already want. A reputable company that does dozens of Proms in Michigan each year will know exactly how please a crowd.

What To Consider When Writing A Song

There are many important factors to consider when writing a song. Many who do not write music think that it just falls from the sky in to the brain of a composer before it ends up on the radio, on cd, or in a download that we have received from the internet. Anyone who creates music will tell you that this simply is not true. Extensive laboring has gone on for years enabling tunesmiths to master their craft before their music sees the light of day. Many have to work a long time before discovering the process that is unique to them, but leads to success creatively and commercially.

With music composition software no easily available through any online music store, shortcuts have allowed songwriters to speed up the process that will help them to reach success much sooner. An online music store ,the internet, and digital technology have aided many musicians and composers with performance, arrangement, and recording as well. It only makes sense that composition can be part of this important renaissance.

For those who are attempting to write a song for the first time, I will state some of the necessary things to consider. Many have wondered where to start. I suggest deciding the speed of your music. Do you want it to be fast, slow, or mid tempo? You may choose to think of a piece of music that you are familiar with to use as an example of how you wish for the tempo of your creation to be.

The rhythm of the song needs to be decided before carrying on further. Some to be considered could be a shuffle, waltz, rock beat, swing, jazz, blues or hip hop beat. The genre of the music that you are creating often determines what the rhythm of the tune will be.

Do you want the song to have a dark ambience or a happy and uplifting vibe? This decision will help you to determine whether you want the song to be in a major or minor key. Many composers write major or minor key songs while others compose in both. I suggest deciding what your song will be used for and how you want people to perceive it before making this decision.

If you know which instruments you intend on using for the arrangement (probably ones that you or your band members play) you may wish to compose a piece of music that lends itself to those particular instruments being used. Composing for brass and woodwind instruments is often very different than writing for guitars and a drum set.

The key of the song is also an important factor to consider. Knowing the range of the singer’s voice is necessary in order to be certain that the composition is one that the vocalist is capable of performing in a studio and live. Guitar tunings and arrangement can have an effect on which key should be used as well.

If you are overwhelmed by all of these decisions it is also important for you to know that you don’t need to be. A visit to an online music store can set you up with user friendlymusic composition software that will assist you with all of the above and have you creating masterpieces very soon!

Death Metal Guitar Lesson – 6 Fast Tips To Rip Through Metal Chords

As a guitarist, you’ll have noticed that professional death metal guitarists can really give you a lesson in chords by the way they fly around the guitar neck. The progressions sound filthy and awesome and all of the skills they pull off almost appear effortless.

Learning to bust through fast progressions and chord changes for death metal is great to learn since it can be adapted to other genres of metal and rock. Check out these 6 fast and effective tips for playing chords faster, smoother, and more brutal.

1. Keep your fingers near the lower fret marks on the guitar neck. If there appears to be a lot of twanging and resonation in the strings that doesn’t create strong tones, focus on adjusting your fret fingers to sit closer to the frets when you play. For example, if you play the ‘F’ chord in drop ‘D’ tuning, you would lay your finger across the third fret while keeping it relatively close to the 2nd fret.

2. Accommodate your fingerings for the next approaching riff. Many times when guitarists mess up during a death metal riff, it’s only because they’re not planning for the future of the song. There is more than one way to play any lick on the guitar, so plan wisely as how to play certain parts to be ready for the next one.

3. Slide between chords. A very choppy song can seem like the instruments are not working together when they perform. Try to slide between each chord in a very subtle way in order to create the illusion of continuity between chord progressions.
4. Prepare for more calluses. If you’re playing death metal guitar, you’re most likely playing in one of the drop tunings of ‘D’ or ‘C’. With these tunings you’ll be laying your index finger across three strings at a time to create power chords. You’ll find out soon enough that more calluses will begin to form along the length of your finger.

5. The uglier the chord progressions, the better. A quick lesson to learn in this metal genre is that the chord progressions don’t necessarily have to be pretty or make much sense. Experiment with progressions that only involve four chords exactly adjacent to one another. You might be surprised by the evil things you can come up with.

6. Get a mean growl from partially-open palm-muted chords. Death metal guitarists sometimes like for their palm-muted chords to resonate slightly to give a very eerie and dark feeling in their songs. Release a bit of pressure off the strings when playing palm-muted and you should be able to hear a firm strike with a dark humming that follows.

When playing death metal, really focus on what can make your tone dark, powerful, and aggressive all at the same time. Try out these effective tips and start really thrashing through your metal riffs better.

Best Examples Of Ballad Poems

Definition of a Ballad

A Ballad can be defined as,

“A simple narrative poem, often of folk origin, bearing romantic and sentimental character, composed in short stanzas.”

Origin and Etymology

The word “ballad” is originally French. It is derived from late 15c., from Fr. ballade meaning “dancing song”. Traditional ballads were stories and romantic tales set to melody and rhyming and were penned in a style so as to be sung to music.

What is a Ballad Stanza?

It is the four lined stanza (also known as a quatrain). It is commonly used in folk ballad poetry. Normally, only the second and fourth lines rhyme in a Ballad stanza.

The tone of a Ballad is often tragic with the language being simple and impassive, and there is usually a refrain (repeated line or verse) linking up everything together. The verse form is also called ballad metre,  a quatrain (4-line verse)

Examples of Famous Ballad Stanza Poems

La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats is an example of Ballad stanza poetry with four stress and three stress lines.

The Ballad of the Green Berets by Sgt. Barry Sadler
The Ballad of Persse O’Reilly by James Joyce
The Ballad Of A Bachelor by Ellis Parker Butler
Ballad on the American War by Robert Burns

Pop and Rock Ballads

The term ballad is used in modern music to express an “emotional love song”. A rock ballad is a modern song in which the word ballad appears in the title of a song, for example in “The Ballad of John and Yoko” by The Beatles and “The Ballad of Billy the Kid” by Billy Joel.

The Ballad of Thunder Road

The Ballad of Thunder Road is the another example of rock ballad. It is a famous theme song from the movie Thunder Road. The song is performed and co-written by actor Robert Mitchum in 1957, with music by composer Jack Marshall.

Let Me Tell The Story, I Can Tell It All;
About The Mountain Boy Who Ran Illegal Alcohol.
His Daddy Made The Whiskey, The Son He Drove The Load;
And When His Engine Roared They Called The Highway “Thunder Road”.

Sometimes Into Ashville, Sometimes Memphis Town.
The Revenuers Chased Him But They Couldn’t Run Him Down.
Each Time They Thought They Had Him His Engine Would Explode.
He’d Go By Like They Were Standing Still On “Thunder Road”.

Classic Canadian Rock & Roll Band The Stampeders: A Family Affair

On November 21, 2011, SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) presents Rich Dodson, Ronnie King and Kim Berly, iconic Canadian rock band The Stampeders, with a Lifetime Achievement Award at Toronto’s Roy Thompson Hall.  The honour will be as much for what these road warriors continues to do today, as a family, as for what they’ve done since the sixties. Indeed The Stampeders released Sweet City Woman 40 years ago, and in fact cut their first record much earlier, in 1965. Now it’s all about family; entertaining diehard fans – men now grey or bald, women who shed their Laura Ashleys decades ago – and their children and grandchildren. The “mature”  yet still artistically agile, wonderfully harmonious and always entertaining classic Canadian rockers now take their own families on the road, the days of fending off groupies long past.

A Classic Canadian Rock Band in Historical Context

When they first formed as a local, western Canada rock & roll band, The Stampeders wore blue jeans and cowboy hats.  In 1968 band members moved from Calgary to Toronto, shedding their western garb.  The doors to the world stage would soon open.  By year’s end changes in personnel resulted in The Stampeders becoming a well – honed trio of rockers.  The same three musicians, the winning formula of Rich, Ronnie and Kim would soon make rock & roll history by being one of the first Canadian bands to break onto the international scene.

The 1971 release of Sweet City Woman changed the lives of the band members forever. Their signature tune reached Billboard Top Ten. Canadian music and songwriting awards would mount. International attention lead to The Stampeders touring the UK, Brazil, and of course the US, with performances including “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert” and “Whisky A-Go-Go.” The band played to live concerts of up to 30,000.

While no tune garnered the global acclaim of Sweet City Woman, other songs received healthy airtime in the US, Mexico and South American, and Europe.  The band continued to ride the wave of success with songs such as its unique rendition of Hit The Road Jack, its earlier southern rock tune Carry Me, and arguably their best hard rock & roll number, the fiery Wild Eyes.  Popularity was also afforded sweet ballads sung by Kim Berly such as Oh My Lady and Minstrel Gypsy.

Recording deals changed from the late 1960s and through much of the 1970s. In 1977 personnel once again struggled, leading to the band’s breakup before the end of the decade.

In 1992, The Stampeders’ core reunited as a Canadian touring band, the triumvirate launching its rejuvenated career playing where else, but the Calgary Stampede.  The group later recorded its first album in almost 20 years.

Dodson, King and Berly have continued to tour regularly since 1992, drawing sold-out crowds in a vast variety of venues including casinos, concert halls, local fairs and dinner theatres throughout virtually all of Canada.

The Family Reunites for the First Concert Date of a Stampeders Five City Tour

On a picture perfect Sunday autumn afternoon in late September, band members sit in their dressing room.  The Stampeders are waiting to perform just outside Ottawa at the Carp Fall Fair. There’s a strong family presence. Ronnie’s 13-year-old daughter Zoe has been with her dad for the past couple of days. They attended a wedding in Montreal, and have driven to Carp this Sunday morning.  Zoe wants to catch a quick glimpse of the fairgrounds. Ronnie offers her some money, telling her, “Take it Zoe, why else do you think I’m working,” his voice cracking with emotion.

Rich has arrived from Toronto with wife Mary-Lynn.  She leaves the dressing room to set up merchandise tables beside the stage.  Their daughter Holly, also a talented musician, has come along for the show. She too is anxious to look around outside.

Kim and his partner Lori now live in British Columbia. Kim flew to Toronto to begin the five city tour, paying a visit to his daughter in Orangeville before driving to Carp.  Lori’s daughter Danica has driven to Carp from college in Brockville to again be part of The Stampeders entourage.  She joins the two other girls for a pre-concert stroll.

The Stampeders’ Carp Fall Fair Concert

Members of the classic Canadian rock band are each well into their sixties.  Ronnie’s a great grandfather. Nevertheless the group performs to a packed crowd for close to two hours including encore, without so much as a short break.

Couples and singles of all ages and both sexes are dancing along the perimeter of the arena and in front of the stage.  A woman is bopping with her two children a la Woodstock; or are they her grandchildren? The band plays their greatest hits and then some, effectively its live, double CD.  Even Zoe, Holly, Danica and Mary-Lynn are making beat to the tunes. Ronnie reminisces when toddler Zoe would dance on stage.

The Stampeders return for a lengthy encore.  Throngs rush the stage to watch, listen, hope for a hand shake or peck on the cheek.  After the conclusion a sixtyish woman with young child in toe asks, “please, Ronnie dropped his pick and I just can’t reach far enough onto the stage to get it; I’ve been collecting picks since 1973; could you get it for me?”

Mary-Lynn and the three daughters are doing a brisk business selling CDs, a band history on DVD, posters and t-shirts.  Many hover, awaiting the return of Rich, Ronnie and Kim to autograph new purchases as well as fans’ vintage 45s, LPs and books chronicling the history of Canadian rock & roll, of course including photo spreads of The Stampeders – still in blue jeans and cowboy hats.

For The Stampeders it’s an  honour to perform for not only loyal fans (and their progeny), but also old friends who drop by including members of other historic Canadian rock bands and the radio personalities who changed their lives.  With the utmost sincerity the band feels privileged to have the opportunity to perform for their own families and make them part of the experience of live rock & roll.

Next morning the families leave the Ottawa Valley in separate vehicles.  Before heading out Ronnie drives Zoe to the Ottawa airport so she can get back to hometown Calgary for Monday afternoon’s classes.  Danica drives back to college in Brockville. The band heads for Toronto for the next performance in Mississagua.

Mary-Lynn and Holly accompany Rich to the Stage West Mississauga dinner theatre venue.  Kim smiles at the end of this second gig of the concert tour, almost embarrassingly admitting, “yes, it’s quite a nice way to make a living this way, after all these years; look at our families, the love and the appreciation which surrounds us.”

John Bonham – the World’s First Hard Rock Drummer

John Bonham was one of the world’s most influential drummers, especially in the genre of hard rock and heavy metal.  He was born in England in 1948, and from an early age he began banging on pots and pans, boxes, anything with a flat surface that would let him imitate the jazz and big band drummers who inspired him.  He spent his teenage years working construction with his father and searching for bands to play with.  This was how he ran into Robert Plant for the first time, and although the two only performed together in the same group for a brief time, they kept in touch throughout the years.

Bonham got his big break at the age of 20, when that same Robert Plant called him up to ask him if he was interested in joining a band that noted guitarist Jimmy Page was putting together.  Bonham, or ‘Bonzo’ to his friends answered in the affirmative and history was made.  With the addition of John Paul Jones, the lineup for Led Zeppelin was set.

Many musicologists and modern drummers agree that John Bonham was an absolute master of his instrument.  He hit the drum skins very hard, and used extremely thick drum sticks.  These sticks could be used to batter out the most brutal rhythm, or become incredibly agile to tap out a gentle sound no louder than that of the falling rain.  He was famous for creating a groove where the drum sound seemed to occur just behind the beat, instead of hitting it exactly in the middle as was the tradition for rock drummers in his day.  This playing style match very well the both Jones and Page, and Bonham was able to incorporate many complex drum patterns and fills into songs that most drummers wouldn’t even attempt during a solo.

As was the case with so many rock stars in the 1970’s, John Bonham was plagued by the demons of substance abuse, particularly alcohol.  A great fan of automobiles, he also had rotten luck with them due to his drinking, and his hard partying had gotten completely out of control.  On a typical morning for him in September of 1980, Bonham began his day with an extremely large amount of alcohol before being driven to and from tour rehearsals.  He was left at home to ‘sleep it off’, and when Jones and the band’s tour manager found him the next morning, he had choked to death in his sleep, a victim of the day’s excessive drinking.

Bonham’s tombstone to this day covered with respectfully stacked drum sticks left by those who have come to pay their respect.  He is survived by a son and daughter, and his son Jason has become an excellent drummer in his own right.

Tis The Season For Rock ‘n’ Roll With Midi Festivals


The 2011 Midi Festival will start in Beijing, the capital city that has witnessed the birth and twelve years growth of this festival, from April 30th to May 2nd. The festival will be held in Jing Langdao Park in the Mentougou district in west suburbs of Beijing. The performance list for Beijing Midi this year has created a new record, including hundreds of well-known rock bands from both China and abroad.


The legendary American hard rock band Mr. Big will make its first debut in China. Emerged in the late 80s, Mr. Big held its unique style among the hard rock bands. They not only excelled in various extremely technical fast-beat songs, but also whined with their melodic adagios. Their singles ‘To Be With You’ and ‘Wild World’ have become the must-listen introductory songs for Chinese rock ‘n’ roll youth. Mr. Big is sure to arouse nostalgic choruses with their performance in Beijing Midi on May 1st and Shanghai Midi on May 6th.


The ten-year-old punk band Mongol 800 is one of the best rock bands in Japan. They have inspired young people to love life and go after their dreams with their rebellious attitude. Apart from participating in Beijing and Shanghai Midi Festival this year, Mongol 800 will also be performing live with local Chinese bands at both Beijing and Shanghai’s MAO Livehouses. Meanwhile, they are donating part of their ticket sales to Japanese Red Cross to help with the earthquake and tsunami relief.


Miserable Faith is often referred to as a milestone in today’s modern rock scene in China. On their first debut this year on April 2nd, the band has broken the box record of rock performances in Beijing Live House with their high-quality live shows. Thus far, Miserable Faith has already played the north-western portion of their China tour, including performances in cities like Hohhot, Baotou, Yinchuan, Urumqi, Xining, Lanzhou, Xi’an, Zhengzhou and Anyang. Attesting to their massive appeal, Miserable Faith will be giving the closing performance at both Midi Festivals.


The Montreal-based rock band Your Favorite Enemies has recently played at Canadian Music Week Festival in Toronto where the band member and manager Jeff Beaulieu met up with MusicDish CEO Eric de Fontenay. This “DIY” band has managed every single aspect of its career based on their community values as they rose from their non-traditional music model since their founding in 2006. They are touring thirteen cities in China, appearing at both in Beijing (May 2nd ) and Shanghai (May 8th ) Midi festivals. Joining them will be over ten rock bands from Canada, Netherlands, German, Switzerland, Spain, Australia and Singapore.

Other participating domestic bands include established Beijing rock characters such as Liu Donghong & Sand, Nanwu, SMZB, Yaksa, Voodoo Kungfu, AK47, Brainfailure and Reflector. Some new bands are also showing. The Dancer for example is a new band founded in 2010 with familiar faces from some the biggest names in Beijing rock, including Liu Hao (Joyside), Dong Xuan (Hedgehog) and Wang Xin (Casino Demon). It should be one of the big hits among the new figures.

The festival series takes its second stop in Shanghai, the bustling metropolitan. The Shanghai Midi committee has strived to achieve their goal to “Rock Shanghai”, and they are about to make it. The festival will be held from May 6th to May 8th in the Pudong Century Park in Shanghai. The Shanghai Midi will stick to the never-give-in spirit of the festival and bring a feast of performances. The Beijing band Free the Bird, formerly known as Ziyo will also join Midi in Shanghai. Other Beijing Midi performing bands that will continue to rock on in Shanghai include TOOKOO, Yaksa and Reflector. In addition, some local bands representing the hardcore force of Shanghai’s rock will be making their presence felt, including Top Floor Circus, Crystal Butterfly, Cold Fairyland, Mushroom Group and MusicDish*China favorite Boys Climbing Ropes. The Shanghai festival will also feature an electric dance stage, which is sponsored by the Shanghai-based well-known electronic party label ANTIDOTE, and will its strong line-up of DJs and high-quality music.

In summer 2011, during August 4th to August 7th, the Ocean Midi Festival will be held in the Olympics Water Park in Rizhao, Shan Dong province. Rizhao, with its longest and widest beach in northern China and low pollution levels, is know as the “garden city” in China and has been rewarded the United Nations Habitat award. Apart from the rock ‘n’ roll stage, Rizhao Midi will also hold the largest ocean electronic party in China! Fans around China and worldwide will party throughout night and embrace the rising sun over the sea together.

The final stop of Midi is the Yangtze Midi Festival being held for the second time from October 1-4 during China’s National Day on the Yangtze Shiyezhou Island in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province. Shiyezhou Island has witnessed the success of Midi last year, and will no doubt become one of the most influential spot where China’s youth culture mixes with rock, as the muddy ground has become an unforgettable experience of Midi fans.

The year-round 2011 Midi Festival is run under the theme with “Love the Bears!”. Midi will hold series of live activities in corporation with animal protecting organizations, and together with fans to protest against the abuse of bear bile.

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Rock Music – History and Facts Revealed

Rock music is often associated with heavy instrumentation, reverberating through a sound system, and played by hyperactive musicians wearing all-black garb. This kind of music has enjoyed over half a century of popularity with its strong beat and catchy melody.

Rock music started in the 1940s and the 1950s as a fusion of rhythm and blues, gospel music, and country music. Originally known as rock and roll, as branded by disc jockey Alan Feed from Ohio, rock music combined influences resulted in simple blues-based style that was fast and danceable.

Instrumentation for rock music often include electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboards. Others add to their line-up reed instruments like the saxophone and the French horn. String instruments like the mandolin and the sitar are occasionally seen in the realm of rock music. Of all these instrumentations, it is the guitar that is considered to be the star of the show. Guitars come as solid electric, hollow electric or acoustic.

The electric guitar was played rock and roll style by early rock legends Chuck Berry, Link Wray and Scotty Moore. Texas blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan played a fusion of blues and rock. As multitrack recording was developed by Les Paul along with electronic sound treatment by Joe Meek, it was not long after when rock music artists like Jackie Breston and Bill Haley came out with their first rock and roll records. Breston released his record Rocket 88 under recording label Sun Records. And then several years after, Haleys Rock Around the Clock was launched and topped the charts of Billboard magazine in terms of record sales and airtime plays. Sun Records also produced rock and roll king Elvis Presleys first single labelled Thats All Right (Mama). Shake, Rattle & Roll of Big Joe Turner was also topping the Billboard R&B charts during this time.
The fusioning of rock music extended into the 1960s and the 1970s, with rock music being combined with folk music to create folk rock, with blues to create blues-rock, and with jazz to create jazz rock. Electrical instrument ambiance was incorporated into rock music to create the carefree psychedelic rock. Influences from soul, funk and latin music were integrated with rock music to pave way for subgenres as soft rock, heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock, and punk rock.

Rock music took a metallic turn in the 1980s and 1990s with the entry of rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen, Aerosmith, Kiss, AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Hard rockers heightened the commercialization of rock and roll with albums and concerts being launched all over the country. Arenas and other similar big venues were used as a places to gather crowds and crowds of rock music fans. Live performances in rock concerts had rock fans screaming and going wild over rock bands performing to full performance level complete with stage design and pyrotechnics.

Some of the other developments in rock music are retro style grunge, theatrical glam rock (Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and the New York Dolls), intense Britpop (John Lennon and the Beatles), indie rock and nu rock (Police, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, and the Culture Club).

Rock music has not been as popular with music critics at some point in time owing to its dark and overly loud metallic sound. But innovations and developments in look, style and sound has slowly developed a following for rock music not only in the young crowd but for the public in general as well. Rock music still manages to chalk up big hits in popular music.

Epiphone G-400 Review – A Worthy SG Replacement?

Although it may not have as much weight (figuratively speaking) as the iconic Fender Stratocaster or the Gibson Les Paul, the Gibson SG is still a noticeable part of rock and roll history, as Angus Young can attest.

Everyone from Eric Clapton to Tony Iommi has adopted the Gibson SG for its piercing sound. Since not everyone can afford the $1,200 street price for a Gibson, however, their sister company Epiphone makes an affordable SG model, the G-400.

Since the Epiphone G-400 is plainly more inexpensive, we have to discover how well it “stacks up” to its big brother, the Gibson SG.

The Epiphone G-400 is built with a mahogany body and set mahogany neck. It features two Alnico V humbuckers, a rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlays, chrome hardware, and a tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece.

We have zero niggles with respect to the cherry finish, which is just plain beautiful and looks fantastic on the instrument’s mahogany body. The SG shape itself is perfect. If it weren’t for the name on the headstock, the instrument would be a dead ringer for a Gibson SG.

The mother-of-pearl inlays are wonderfully done, though we did discover some small traces of glue residue near the edges. Similarly, we noticed some minute traces of glue holding the neck joint in place, but these squabbles aside, we determined the construction quality to be really well done.

The instrument’s intonation was easy to set and was very good, though we wish the bridge saddles weren’t as cutting as they are. The instrument held its tuning very well, even after some pretty radical bending.

The instrument plays well, suitable for pretty much any style of music. We did notice a a couple of buzzes and rattles here and there, but we did set the action fairly low, and we didn’t observe any of these sounds through an amplifier.

I’m of the belief that a good electric guitar has to sound superb unplugged, and the G-400 doesn’t let down in this domain either. It’s vibrant, resonant, and offers substantial sustain, stunning given the guitar’s low weight.

The guitar’s acoustic tones were, pardon the pun, “amplified” when we plugged into our test amplifier, a Dr. Z MAZ-18 NR. The pickups of the G-400 offered very balanced tones, useful for numerous distinct styles.

We auditioned the pickups in all three toggle settings and found the tones useful in all settings using both clean and distorted amp/pedal sounds. When we really went for a metal sound (using a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde pedal), we thought the instrument was a bit muddy sounding, but’s not really a criticism, considering how toppingly warm this guitar is overall.

So, if you wish to play this instrument in a Judas Priest tribute band, you’ll probably want to put in some hotter pickups with a bit more treble bite.

The Bottom Line
There’s not much more to say. The Epiphone G-400 is a splendid guitar at a superb price. If you want an inexpensive instrument that can cover a lot of sonic ground, you can’t go wrong with the G-400.

Name of Gear: Epiphone G-400
List Price: $606.00
Manufacturer Info: The Epiphone Company;
Pros: Solid value; good playability; sweet rock and blues sounds
Cons: Bridge saddles need work; a little glue residue

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Judas Priest

Judas Priest, a leather-clad heavy-metal band, was formed by guitarist K.K. Downing and bassist Ian Hill. In 1971 frontman Rob Halford joined (he’d previously worked in theatrical lighting), having met Hill, whom his sister was then dating (and later married). The band didn’t get a contract until 1974, just after guitarist Glenn Tipton joined. Its first LP was released that year, but both it and the 1976 follow-up, Sad Wings of Destiny, sold marginally.

The band to develop a following in England, and in 1977 Priest signed with Columbia, which released Sin After Sin. Produced by ex-Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover, Sin featured guest drummer Simon Phillips and an unlikely heavy-metal version of Joan Baez’s “Diamonds and Rust,” similar in style to Nazareth’s 1973 treatment of Joni Mitchell’s “This Flight Tonight.” The group’s songs, highlighted by Tipton and Downing’s dual lead-guitar attack, were catchier and shorter than most other early-’70s heavy metal, anticipating late-decade acts like Def Leppard.

Stained Class (#173, 1978) featured new drummer Les Binks, replaced with ex-Trapeze member Dave Holland after Priest’s live-in-Japan Unleashed in the East (#70, 1979). The live LP included a version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Green Manalishi.” Over the years Judas Priest became increasingly known for its extravagant live show, which featured Halford, in his trademark S&M gear, thundering onstage on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The band’s seventh album, 1980’s British Steel (#34), was its first U.S. Top 40 entry, and a heavy metal landmark. Concise songs like “Living After Midnight” and “Breaking the Law” mated metal aggression with new-wave melodicism. Both went Top 20 in Britain.

The 1981 follow up, Point of Entry (#39, 1981), failed to build on the band’s momentum, but the platinum Screaming for Vengeance (#17, 1982) broke Judas Priest in a big way stateside, and gave the group its closest thing to an American hit single, “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” (#67, 1982). The song’s stylish video showed Priest performing on a laser-lit stage while a conservative business type outfitted in a trench coat and bowler hat appears to be fleeing some unseen, sinister force. At the clip’s end, Tipton and Downing’s guitars explode —as does the character’s head, literally —leading to a powerful climax.

In 1986 Judas Priest became the unwitting object of controversy when the parents of two mentally unstable Reno, Nevada teenagers sued both the group and Columbia Records for $6.2 million, claiming that a song on 1978’s Stained Class contained subliminal messages that drove their sons to shoot themselves in 1985. One died instantly; the other lived but overdosed fatally on methadone three years later. Priest was acquitted of all charges in the six-week 1990 trial. The gold Painkiller came out shortly thereafter.

Halford, who’d relocated to Arizona in the early ’80s and then moved to San Diego in 1999, abruptly quit Judas Priest in December 1992 to form his own band, the grungy Fight, which was active in the mid-’90s. (Scott Travis, Priest’s drummer since 1990, assisted him, but remained in Judas Priest). Later in the decade, Halford led the industrial Two, which signed to Trent Reznor’s nothing label. He also briefly fronted a post-Ozzy Black Sabbath, and collaborated with Pantera. In 1998 he obliterated many a metal stereotype (and confirmed years’ worth of rumors) by openly announcing his homosexuality. In 1999 he returned to metal under the name Halford and parted ways with nothing.

Tipton released a solo album in 1997. The four remaining members of Judas Priest auditioned vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens, a longtime fan who had fronted a JP tribute act. He joined his idols after singing only a portion of one song. The group’s first album sans Halford, Jugulator, peaked at #82 in 1997.

Hard Rock’s Product Life Cycle and Design

Hard Rock prides itself as having something for each and every customer and to keep up with the ever shifting demands from the customers (Hard Rock, 2011). This essay seeks to explore the Hard Rock Company’s product development and design.

How product design is applied in decision-making of Hard Rock

The design and development of new cafes, live venues, retail stores, hotels and casinos, and Hard Rock Memorabilia is overseen by Joseph Emanuele, the Vice President of Design and Development. He leads teams that design and develops projects that represent the Hard Rock brand to ensure that the all product offering meets the strategy and standards of the brand (Hard Rock, 2011).

Product Life Cycles in the organization

A product’s life cycle can be represented by four phases: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline (KnowThis, 2011). The hospitality business has to revise its offerings to constantly reflect the shifting times. The menu is constantly modified and reinvented to conform to product availability, satisfy customer’s demands and follow regulatory requirements world over. The Hard Rock Memorabilia collection has to be kept updated at all times as new music trends, which form the basis for the collection, are always changing everyday. The collection has to be constantly maintained to keep it from undergoing a decline. The establishment also builds new hotels and casinos as it expands world over. The new businesses undergo the product life cycle but the company incorporates life cycle extension strategies so as to keep their business from a decline and keep on performing (Hard Rock, 2011).

Product Development at Hard Rock

The company has distinct departments which have clearly outlined duties and responsibilities. These include: Cafe Operations; Franchise Operations; Finance; HR; Business Affairs and General Counsel; Design and Development; Merchandise; and Hotel and Casinos. These segmentation in responsibilities ensures that the products are developed in segmented components, adding flexibility in production and marketing. As an example, the menus that the company has are segmented according to regions. The overall result is the close adaptation of the menu to regional preferences and the customers get more satisfied (Hard Rock, 2011).


Product design is taken up by the Design and Development department at Hard Rock. The company works hard to extend the life of its products so that they do not get to the decline stage of the product life cycle. In a bid to closely tailor the business to the customers’ needs world over, a modular approach is used to develop its products.

The evolution of rock music

Music news not only lets you in on the latest happening in the world of rock and rhythm but also gives you a glimpse into its history, how everything came about. For example, the origin of Rock music is quite fascinating. Since its introduction in the 1950s, a combination of gospel, country music and electric blues it has today come a long way. While earlier it was limited to blues and rhythms charts, later on it came about its own and entered pop charts. This transformation happened in 1955. The 1960s saw the further growth and expansion of this gradually popularizing music form with increase in the acceptability and the introduction of new trends.

During this time, rock music gradually started to expand its boundaries. It started reaching the top of the charts quite frequently. Introductions involved diversification into new styles like psychedelic, surf, soul, British Invasion, hard rock and folk rock. By 1970s though, rock music turned into big business offering substantial returns to the industry in general. Major production houses and artists were gradually turning quite influential and the fans considered them hot property.

People started avidly following rock music news to remain in the things of the industrial happenings. Prime-time television shows also started placing focus on this genre of music with dedicated viewers. During the early 70s the existing generation of legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin died. This initiated the decline of psychedelic music with growth and morphing of hard rock, heavy metal, and progressive rock instead. Instead of being limited only to public theatres and the clubs or studios, artists started to come before large audiences such as in the sports arena.

Open-air concerts gradually became the in thing with huge fan followings through the passage of time. Growth in both technology and television helped in the promotion of rock music and added to its growth and reach. Music videos available 24×7 to the audience were now the major marketing tool for artists and producers in the 1980s. Highly influential, this triggered the creation of new bands with happening music styles, popularizing them into the mainstream. A resurgence of heavy metal also occurred during this time.
The 1980s also saw the emergence of new wave, synthrop, hip-hop, and rap. Rise of the female artists also marks this period of rock music with their presence quite evident across different genres. Sales of various albums and singles during this time also reflect this trend clearly. From the 1990s on words, however there was a clear trend of developments in the digital world. Internet now became the buzzword. This along with technology for sound compression facilitated digital distribution. Besides the illegal distribution, peer distribution also became highly prevalent. This in turn has now threatened the dominance of the major labels and artists opening up the playing field for rock music.

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ABOUT THE COMPANY is a globally syndicated online music magazine offering daily music news, exclusive band features and reviews as well as world class concert photography. They also produce and promote high quality live music events, and is enjoying a growing industry-wide reputation for both discovering and showcasing new bands.

Learn to Sing: Facts About Scream Singing

There are people who think that scream singing is a noise. These people do not know that the process of scream is very complicated because it requires screaming in a proper manner, and not just screaming for the sake of screaming. When dealing with a death metal music, the more it requires proper manner in screaming.

If you want to learn how to scream sing it is important that you should know the right techniques. You can achieve the proper technique to learning scream singing by regularly practicing it. It is important that you experiment new things on your voice, because this will help you to find the one that best suits your voice. It is important for you to learn all the things about your voice because this is important for your success as a singer someday. Below are some helpful tips so would become successful in scream singing.

•In scream singing, it is important that you have patience trying it because a good scream singer doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work hard for it.

•It would not do any good for you if you are being impatient and you are screaming beyond your capability, rather it will do you harm and damage your vocal chords. It would take a length of time for you to master scream singing.

•It will result in hurting your vocal chords if you are trying to use all air immediately. You should know the technique in scream singing to succeed.

•Always remember also that too much of anything is bad. You should also take it slowly, one at a time in learning.
•If you are planning to learn fast in scream singing, you must be familiar with head resonance because it can help you greatly.

•You must learn to scream sing using your nasal that pictures the nasal sound that comes out from your nose. This is a more healthy option than singing deeply using your throat. Singing using your throat will cause your throat to strain.

•Learning to sing death metal will help you also in learning how to scream sing. And that is screaming in a proper way.

•It is very important to have a good singing technique because it will help you in the long run. You can always apply it in your singing ability.

•And if you feel any kind of pain of strain in your vocal chords, it is better to stop scream singing because eventually it can hurt you easily.

•Avoid straining your voice because it can cause damage to your vocal chords. You should relax yourself and take good care of yourself especially your throat.

•You should also avoid whispering, because it will block your vocal chords and you would only double your problem.

•It is also very important to drink a lot of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day for you to stay hydrated. And if you don’t want water you drink instead a dilute squash juice.

By following all those tips there is no doubt that you can learn to scream sing.

Heavy Metal Girls. Are They All Gone?

Where have all the Heavy Metal Girls Gone? Man, it seems like nowdays you can”t find any girls that truely like heavy metal music anymore. I mean sure they like grunge or rock, but where are the girls that liked bands like Wasp, Motley Crue, and even Slayer.

Sure there are still some out there but they are VERY HARD to find. Has society made it harder for a woman to be accepted as a rocker chick? It seems that all “popular” girls have to be into rap and stuff like that before they can become “popular” now. I can understand why girls dont like Death Metal and Gore Metal and stuff like that, but man I want to see some good old fashioned rocker chicks with holes in their pants and concert tees with the sleeves cut off. I know im not the only guy out there that misses that. Rocker girls are so much more fun to hang out and party with. So, what about you? Have you been looking for the girl of your dreams!! Have you been looking rock music fans, heavy metal music fans, goth music fans, punk rock music fans and other similar types of music. Join our community for rock music women and find that special kind of girl you have been looking for. This site is intended for men and women that are from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s that are fans of heavy metal, rock, goth, and punk music (and other similar types of music). It is a personals site. Sign up to meet friends into the same music that you love. We would like to invite all fans of heavy metal, rock, goth, and punk music to come and visit our site that showcases the women of metal, rock, goth, and punk music that are looking to interact with men of the same interest. Come share your love for Rock Music! Do you love heavy metal music? Well, we know some girls that love it too. Have you been looking for a girl that likes heavy metal and can rock with you. Well, check us out! We are a dating site geared toward fans of heavy metal, rock, goth, and punk rock music. Find a girl to take to the concert with you!! Good luck finding that special heavy metal girl (or guy) From the Editors @

4 Quick And Easy Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Did you know you can get some easy guitar lessons for beginners without paying out
any money? Well, you can! Here are 4 easy lessons to help you learn how to play your guitar – not quite rock guitar lessons, but they will come later.

1) How To Hold Your Guitar: You can play your guitar resting it on your leg. This works well for both acoustic and electric. You’ll be strumming using your dominant hand, so the guitar needs to also go to your dominant hand side.

However, many lefties very successfully train themselves to play right handed. I know one guitarist personally who did this with stunning success and quickly became a powerful rock guitarist. After all, you must train both hands to a new skill, and you can adapt easily. An advantage to this is that right handed guitars are in plentiful supply, and therefore easier to purchase.

Whichever hand you choose, keep the guitar straight, and close to you. Sometimes the guitar may slide off your leg while you are playing, because you bend your back to look where you are placing your fingers on the frets. This is quite normal as a beginner, but try not to make it a habit. Remember, straight and close!! Or, you can hang your guitar from a shoulder strap and stand. This can be tiring, so you will have to build up stamina.

2) Getting to Know Your Chord Chart: For the 3 chords you are learning today, you will be concentrating on the first 4 frets of your guitar, nearest the headstock. (Frets are the spaces between the metal bars crossing the guitar neck).

There are 6 strings on your guitar, represented on chord charts as 6 long, horizontal lines. Number your strings 1 – 6 from the highest string to lowest. Number your fingers 1-3 starting from the index finger.


D chord: Using fingers 1 and 2 (index and second), place them on the 2nd fret. Put finger 1 on the 3rd string and finger 2 on the 1st string. Put finger 3 on the 3rd fret on the 2nd string. Now strum and you are making music!

E chord: Great chord for beginners. Put finger 1 on the 1st fret on the 3rd string. Put fingers 2 and 3 on the 2nd fret with finger 2 on the 5th string. Put finger 3 on the 4th string.

A chord: Easy! All fingers 1,2 and 3 are positioned on the 2nd fret. Finger 1 goes on the 4th string, finger 2 on the 3rd string and finger 3 on the 2nd string.

.4) CHANGING CHORDS AND STRUMMING The above first 3 chords will enable you to play some tunes, and also do some strumming. Strumming and picking are essential skills to learn. Get someone in a music store to help you choose the right pick. Every electric guitarist has a good supply Strumming is done by moving your ‘dominant’ hand up and down on the strings. Don’t rush, but always keep your hands moving.

Start slowly, finding a sound that pleases you, until you have perfected your strumming. Then gradually increase your speed. Your chord sound should not buzz. When you change chords, set the beat. Change to a different chord before starting the next beat. A good way to learn how to change chords and strum more efficiently, is to practice on your favorite song with a slow beat.

T 3 basic chords will start you on your way to becoming a real guitarist. Work hard and soon you will be playing Stairway To Heaven on your guitar, just like every growing artist.

How To Play Shred Guitar: Yngwie Malmsteen’s Influence

When learning how to play guitar, it is only natural that you will look to well-known musicians for inspiration and guidance. This is a great idea, and will ultimately help you become a better musician as long as you try to incorporate ideas and tips from a variety of sources and styles instead of just emulating one player in particular.

Okay, that said, it’s time to have a look at one of the greats. Yngwie Johann Malmsteen is definitely one of the absolute greatest living guitar players, and has one of the most recognizable styles in rock and metal without a doubt.

The enigmatic Swedish musician came onto the scene of the rock world in a number of bands before setting out on his own personal journey with a band under the varied monikers of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force or either Yngwie Malmsteen or Yngwie J. Malmsteen, and he is an excellent source of inspiration when learning how to play guitar Yngwie is world famous for being one of the early stars, and possibly the originator, of a particular brand of playing.

That style is now known all around the world as neoclassical rock or metal, and incorporates elements of classical music into a heavy rock setting. He uses concepts such as harmonic minor scales and diminished scales in his music, and it is an influence that has served Yngwie very well indeed over the years. With some blues influences in with the massive classical element, he has been able to create and hone a guitar playing style that is fascinating and addictive. He is also known for his incredible speed, but there is much more to Malmsteen’s music than just shredding and lengthy solos.

There is a massive helping of musical theory in practice too, and this is where the music of Yngwie Malmsteen can help you when you are learning how to play guitar. Look into the classical influences he talks about, such as Bach and Paganini for starters, and you will soon discover how you can add some beautiful, classically inspired arpeggios and suchlike to your playing. The use of classical melodies and patterns in this style of music offers you a great deal of scope for improvisation, and when added to the techniques you are amassing while learning how to play guitar, you will discover some vibrant new avenues of experimentation.

Learning How To Play Guitar? Check out these selected albums from Yngwie Malmsteen:

-Marching Out


-Fire and Ice

-The Seventh Sign

-Facing The Animal


These are just some of the amazing albums by Yngwie that you can check out to help inspire you while you learn to play guitar. Remember, any good musical advice should always start with telling you to go your own way once you have learned the basics. Check out some Malmsteen, and see just what is possible while you learn how to play guitar.

Mettalica Tickets For Thrash Metal Lovers

The king and hero of thrash metal, Metallica, is the band, which was formed in the year, 1981. This is an American band, which has been renowned and famous for its heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal and hard rock. The music of this band rocks the world. This band was formed in Los Angeles, when Lars Ulrich posted an ad in a newspaper of LA. He had a great passion for thrash metal and wanted to form his own musical band. His passion has resulted in such a popular band, which is comprised of Ulrich, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett. All these members perform the duties of rhythm guitarist, vocalist and lead guitarist, respectively. This band has a number of alternative bassist, but at this point of time, Robert Trujillo is the bassist of Mettalica.

This band has contributed a lot in raising the standard of thrash music. Now, this band is known for the best and most amazing thrash metal band. The tempos, lyrics and music of Mettalica, has been captivating the minds and souls of their huge fan following. Every year Metallica goes on a nationwide tour, in order to do concerts in a number of different cities of Canada and America. Their live concerts have great demand because the music they play, really make the crowd bang on each and every performance.

Cities like Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Texas and a number of other cities, are going to host amazing live concerts of this thrash metal band. Mettalica tickets are one of the hottest selling tickets, at this point of time. People want to purchase Mettalica tickets for each and every concert. The concerts of this band will be organized till the end of this year. Therefore, the fans have ample opportunities to see their most loved band, performing live in front of their eyes. Mettalica tickets are for all the heavy metal and thrash metal lovers. It seems that Mettalica tickets are going to be the hottest and sweetest treat of this season. The genre of thrash metal has been growing and improving with the contribution of Mettelica. The efforts and sheer passion of this band for heavy and thrash metal, has raised the scale of Mettalica. The live concerts of this band have always been blasting and the audiences go crazy in each and every concert of Mettalica. The arenas, where Mettalica will be playing their hard rock and thrash metal music, are going to be jammed packed with their huge fan following. Think the name of a city and Mettalllica will be there within some time, to perform live for you. The craving for the live concerts of this band can be seen by the demand of Mettalica tickets, which are being sold by different websites over internet. If you are also one of the fans of Mettalica, then what are you waiting for? Go andpurchase Mettalica tickets, from a website, which offers you the tickets at comparatively less price. The live concerts of this band are really going to drive the people crazy.

Monster Turbine Pro Gold Review

About Monster Turbine Pro Gold

Monster Turbine Pro Gold showed a completely unexpected appearance, who would have thought the Monster companies will produced such an in-ear headphone? It’s “Full Metal” (actually a hard plastic to a relatively thick metal-plated) shell and the thunderous bass completely attracted the attention of many headphone fans.

This should be a 2006 years ago. at 2008, Monster begin to sale Dr Dre HeadphonesTurbine Pro Gold, there are two versions, the lower version is the Monster Turbine Pro Gold, according to Monster press release said, Beats Headphones Turbine Pro Gold developed in the spirit of “Music Restore”,and the low frequency increased.

Appearance of Monster Turbine Pro Gold

the appearance of doing more flashy. Outside is a paper cover, printed above the “flux tube” and so “advanced technology”, as well as a few provocative slogan. and more important tips: first, this headphones comes with SuperTips (later explain); second, the headphones has a lifetime guarantee, if (No artificial) damage, Monster will give you a new one for free.

Inside the pack is a black box, relatively heavy, it feels really like to pick up a high-level product. Written word: “Life is too short to listen to bad headphones. ” Beats by dre Turbine Pro Gold comes with 2 carrying cases. I chose a hard package to store headphones.

Notice:Both packages are have unusual strong chemical taste, I put them near the window to ventilation for several days,but the taste is still lingers. don’t use the bag..i suggest..

Box in addition to these things, but also comes with the following earmuffs: one pair of small SuperTips (Monster Turibine Pro comes with a large one pair of SuperTips); large, medium and small “traditional” silicone sleeve; large and small three sets silicone sleeve; A clamp, and a 1 / 8 – 1 / 4 converter.What is SuperTips? It’s a kind of silicone sleeve, the internal oil-filled or memory foam. Touch it, feel very soft, I believe Super tips will make my ears feel more comfortable.As a turbine upgrade version, Dr Dre Headphones Turbine Pro Gold almost has the same shape with the Monster tuibine. For Turbine’s shortcomings – wire and the headphone junction has no protected. Monster turbine pro gold has been improved.

Monster Turbine Pro Gold Review

Dr Dre Headphones Turbine Pro Gold is not a headset headphones, emphasis is easy to carry. So I will not choose to use the amplifier to test the headset. I use the IPC to play music, with not amplifier.

After testing, I found that wearing of different sizes supertips will get different sounds. So the following test results, I will be use two kinds of supertips to describe.


Mainly low-frequency test albums

Tiggy – Abracadabra
Megadeth – Skin O’ My Teeth
Techmaster P.E.B. – Bassgasm
Techmaster P.E.B. – Bass Computer
Techmaster P.E.B. – Bass by Numbers
Techmaster P.E.B. – Bass Out
Techmaster P.E.B. – Dragon Bass

Big SuperTips: In the low frequency, the impact is weak, but the sound dive and depth is good; let me feel more surprised was: Monster Turbine Pro Gold can be reproduce the PEB easliy ,as we know that can destroy the low-frequency eight-inch car subwoofer.Abracadabra: In the low frequencyimpact, feel very weak. Megadeth: Monster Turbine Pro Gold have a perfect performance of the drum sounds in the song. Impact, sounds dive are very much in place, to restore a real drum sounds, and the speed is very good.

Small SuperTips: feeling relatively In the low frequency turbidity, muddy to slightly polluted the rest of the band. Low dive is still strong, may be due to muddy, I feel even stronger; have some impact, but feels no control, it is loose.

Mainly IF (human voice)

Mainly IF (voice) test albums:

Nelly Furtado – I’m Like a Bird (Acoustic)
Denez Prigent – Gortoz a ran
Sarah Brightman – Winter in July
Joseph Kilna MacKenzie – Sergeant MacKenzie

Big Super Tips: In the IF, the human voice performence let me feeling more prominent, but in fact did not feel out of touch. Nelly and Sarah are two very different kinds of female sounds was be restored unique by Monster Turbine Pro Gold, Nelly rich in detail, just like me was at the live show; Sarah’s is the ethereal, haunting feeling.

Small Super Tips: IF. due to a certain degree of pollution, female sounds let me feel dark. and the high frequency details become weaker.

Mainly high-frequency

Mainly high-frequency test album:

Scarborough Fair
Russian TechnoRave – Plasma

In high frequency, the sense of some of the guitar string wire is not correct, feel not crisp, the details a little lacking. Plasma, this song high frequency of abnormal fast rise and sudden changes, Dr Dre Headphones Turbine Pro Gold can be reappears without struggling, but still feel an extension is not enough.

Primary sound field, sounds locate etc.

Primary sound field, locate the test album:

Audio STAX – Kunstkopfumgang Im IRT, Dr. Theile, Sabine, Mike
Ultrasone Production – Vogel la Palma

Primary sound field, sounds locate test let me feel good. Did not let me down.ButMonster Turbine Pro Gold comes with many sets of tips, and then will affect the sound field and sound performance. After the test concludes that the most satisfying is the Big SuperTips.

Monster Turbine Pro Gold Review Summary

Monster Turbine Pro Gold can recover the music to your ears very good, a little increase In the low frequency make users feel better. The main question remains to wear, although Monster comes with so many earmuffs, wear is still a problem. If it is your first time to use the in-ear headphones, to practice a few times will get better results.
Copper versions, see HeadRoom spectrum show me that, low frequency, it is exactly the same with Monster Turbine Pro Gold, but has increased in the high frequency band to get “more balanced” sound.

Iron Maiden

Taking its name from the medieval torture device, Iron Maiden was part of England’s late-Seventies crop of heavy-metal bands that boasted simple guitar riffs, bone-crunching chords and shrieking vocals.

Formed in 1976 by bassist Steve Harris (b. March 12, 1957, London) and guitarist Dave Murray (b. Dec. 23, 1958, London), Iron Maiden has had a revolving-door lineup of musicians. The first incarnation of the band was inspired by the do-it-yourself punk ethos, and the group released an EP, The Soundhouse Tapes, on its own label, Rock Hard Records. Iron Maiden, the band’s 1980 debut album for major label Capitol Records, was pure, unadulterated, screaming heavy metal. It reached the Top Five in Britain; the following year’s Killers went to Number 12. America was slower to embrace the denim- and leather-clad group, which distinguished itself from its peers with unusually literate songs (written by Harris) full of hellish imagery (the melting faces in “Children of the Damned”), with themes borrowed from films (“The Number of the Beast,” inspired by The Omen II) and ancient mythology (“Flight of Icarus”). Iron Maiden was one of the few bands of any genre to employ a mascot, a ten-foot rotting corpse named Eddie.

The Number of the Beast, featuring new vocalist Bruce Dickinson (b. Paul Bruce Dickinson, Aug. 7, 1958, Worksop, Eng.), topped the album chart in Britain and initiated a streak of seven consecutive platinum or gold albums in the United States, despite virtually no radio or MTV exposure. The followup, 1983’s Piece of Mind, reached Number 14 on Billboard’s Pop Albums chart, and 1984’s Powerslave went to Number 21 on the Billboard 200. By then, Iron Maiden were superstars of heavy metal and remained in the Top 25 of Billboard’s dominant album chart for several subsequent releases: Live After Death (Number 22, 1985), Somewhere In Time (Number 23, 1987),Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Number 12, 1988), No Prayer for the Dying (Number 17, 1990), Fear of the Dark (Number 12, 1992). No Prayer for the Dying was Maiden’s last studio album to go gold in the U.S.; it contained “Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter,” a song originally recorded by Dickinson alone for the Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 5 soundtrack. Dickinson’s solo version went to Number One in the U.K. Guitarist Adrian Smith (b. Feb. 27, 1957, London), who had joined in 1980, left in 1990 to form A.S.A.P. with drummer Zak Starkey, son of Ringo Starr. Janick Gers replaced Smith. Dickinson left in 1993, replaced by Blaze Bayley.

Iron Maiden weathered its numerous personnel changes without a hitch, continuing to put out albums (three live discs as well as 1995’s The X Factor and 1998’s Virtual XI), although they weren’t as successful as the band’s earlier releases. Dickinson – who became a top-rated fencer and swordsman, a published novelist (The Adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace) and solo singer – reunited with the band in 1999, as did Smith. The revived, Dickinson-fronted Maiden went on to have a second successful career, releasing another string of charting albums including Brave New World (Number 39, 2000), Dance of Death (Number 18, 2003) and A Matter of Life and Death (Number 9, 2006). The group’s three-disc greatest-hits album of 1999, Ed Hunter, spawned a namesake Maiden video game.


Known to produce no less than 126 decibels in its live shows England’s Motörhead is easily one of the world’s loudest rock & roll bands. The heavy-metal group’s raunchy leather biker image underlined its fascination with violence, as did such album titles as Overkill, Bomber, and Iron Fist. Motörhead ‘s hard-and-fast sound prefigured the thrash and speed-metal genres of the late ’80s and ’90s, and the group was cited as an influence by Guns n’ Roses (who had Motörhead open on their 1992 U.S. tour) and Metallica.

Bassist/vocalist Lemmy Kilmister, formerly with progressive British rockers Hawkwind, put together Motörhead in 1975, and the group released its self-titled debut album in 1977, in the middle of the punk boom. After establishing itself on the British chart with two subsequent albums, the band recorded Ace of Spades, its official American debut. Motörhead has yet to make a significant dent in the American chart, but it is a huge concert draw in the U.K. and has steadily built a cult following in the U.S.

With the balladic title track of 1916, Motörhead began breaking out of its trademark bludgeoning sound; the trend continued on Bastards (Kilmister originally intended to call the group Bastard) with “Lost in the Ozone” and “Don’t Let Daddy Kiss Me,” a song about incest from a little girl’s point of view.

Onetime Motörhead guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke went on to form Fastway with ex-Humble Pie Jerry Shirley. He was briefly replaced in Motörhead by ex-Thin Lizzy Brian Robertson, before Wurtzel and Phil Campbell (who has also variously gone by the names Wizzo, Zoom and Wizzo von Wizzo) settled the lineup through the ’80s. Wurzel left after the recording of Sacrifice, and the band’s lineup settled down to a three-piece again.

See Motorhead, Slayer, Anthrax Rock High Seas on Motorboat 2015


If Slayer did not exist, the tabloid press would invent it: Loud, aggressive, and violent, its songs touch on sadism, Satanism, Nazi death camps, and serial killers. Its music was prominently featured in 1987′

If Slayer did not exist, the tabloid press would invent it: Loud, aggressive, and violent, its songs touch on sadism, Satanism, Nazi death camps, and serial killers. Its music was prominently featured in 1987’s troubled-teen film River’s Edge. A 1988 concert in New York’s Felt Forum had to be stopped when fans rampaged, tearing up seats and pelting the stage with debris. And all five teens featured on the “Kids Who Kill” episode of Geraldo cited Slayer as one of their favorite bands.

Slayer began in 1982 as part of L.A.’s Huntington Beach head-banging scene. Originally a cover band, by 1983 the band had written “Aggressive Perfector,” which appeared on Metal Blade Records’ Metal Massacre III compilation. Metal Blade also released Slayer’s next two albums, Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits. The group’s brutal songs and malevolent obsessions increased its local reputation, but it was unable to garner national attention until Rick Rubin signed the band to his Def Jam label in 1986. Slayer became something of a cause célèbre that year when Columbia (Def Jam’s distributor) refused to release Reign in Blood, citing references to Nazi physician/torturer Joseph Mengele in the song “Angel of Death,” among other offenses. Geffen quickly picked up the album, which became the band’s first to chart, peaking at #94.

Starting with the group’s followup, South of Heaven (#57, 1988), bassist/vocalist Tom Araya became the main songwriter, and Slayer’s music and subject matter turned slightly more mainstream, with riffs and melodies replacing drones. The lyrics focused on more earthbound subjects: “Death Skin Mask” from Seasons in the Abyss (#40, 1990) was inspired by serial killer Ed Gein.

In 1991 Slayer celebrated its first 10 years together by releasing Decade of Aggression Live (#55) and holding down one third of the Clash of the Titans Tour along with Megadeath and Anthrax. The band returned in 1994 with Divine Intervention (#8, 1994), its most successful album to date.

Picking up where 1993’s “Disorder” (a medley of Exploited songs done in collaboration with Ice-T for the Judgment Night soundtrack) had left off, Slayer released Undisputed Attitude (#34, 1996). It featured only one new Slayer track, concentrating instead on a variety of punk covers by the likes of T.S.O.L, Minor Threat, and Verbal Abuse. Bostaph was replaced by ex-Testament drummer John Dette for the following tour, but came back to play on Diabolus in Musica (#31, 1998), on which Slayer returned to its usual gruesome lyrical content set to speed metal. In 2000 the band joined the inaugural Tattoo the Earth Tour, reaffirming its status as a grand elder of the metal scene.
Read more: River’s Edge. A 1988 concert in New York’s Felt Forum had to be stopped when fans rampaged, tearing up seats and pelting the stage with debris. And all five teens featured on the “Kids Who Kill” episode of Geraldo cited Slayer as one of their favorite bands.

Slayer began in 1982 as part of L.A.’s Huntington Beach head-banging scene. Originally a cover band, by 1983 the band had written “Aggressive Perfector,” which appeared on Metal Blade Records’ Metal Massacre III compilation. Metal Blade also released Slayer’s next two albums, Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits. The group’s brutal songs and malevolent obsessions increased its local reputation, but it was unable to garner national attention until Rick Rubin signed the band to his Def Jam label in 1986. Slayer became something of a cause célèbre that year when Columbia (Def Jam’s distributor) refused to release Reign in Blood, citing references to Nazi physician/torturer Joseph Mengele in the song “Angel of Death,” among other offenses. Geffen quickly picked up the album, which became the band’s first to chart, peaking at #94.

Starting with the group’s followup, South of Heaven (#57, 1988), bassist/vocalist Tom Araya became the main songwriter, and Slayer’s music and subject matter turned slightly more mainstream, with riffs and melodies replacing drones. The lyrics focused on more earthbound subjects: “Death Skin Mask” from Seasons in the Abyss (#40, 1990) was inspired by serial killer Ed Gein.

In 1991 Slayer celebrated its first 10 years together by releasing Decade of Aggression Live (#55) and holding down one third of the Clash of the Titans Tour along with Megadeath and Anthrax. The band returned in 1994 with Divine Intervention (#8, 1994), its most successful album to date.

Picking up where 1993’s “Disorder” (a medley of Exploited songs done in collaboration with Ice-T for the Judgment Night soundtrack) had left off, Slayer released Undisputed Attitude (#34, 1996). It featured only one new Slayer track, concentrating instead on a variety of punk covers by the likes of T.S.O.L, Minor Threat, and Verbal Abuse. Bostaph was replaced by ex-Testament drummer John Dette for the following tour, but came back to play on Diabolus in Musica (#31, 1998), on which Slayer returned to its usual gruesome lyrical content set to speed metal. In 2000 the band joined the inaugural Tattoo the Earth Tour, reaffirming its status as a grand elder of the metal scene.

Read more:
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Wait, what’s so weird about having your daughter strip in your music video?

We all remember the wildly popular music videos from the early 1990’s for the trio ofAerosmith power ballads – “Crazy”, “Cryin'”, and “Amazing” – that put Alicia Silverstoneand Liv Tyler, daughter of lead singer Steven Tyler, on the map.  Sure, featuring your daughter in that state of undress might not seem conventional, but nothing about Aerosmith’s career could be considered conventional.

The Bad Boys from Boston have have booked two shows in Los Angeles this summer along with ZZ Top, their pals from Texas with the beards (except of course, Frank Beard, the only one without a beard).  Aerosmith at the Staples Center in Los Angeles has sold out for Friday, August 21 before they head down to Orange County to play the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine on Sunday, August 23.  While demand for Aerosmith tickets are high, our friends at Golden Circle Tickets assure us that they can still provide you with the best seats in the house.

It has taken a long time for Aerosmith to reach this level of notoriety.  The band members originally met in the late ’60s, where they lived together in an apartment on Commonwealth Avenue.  Long before “Dream On” became a radio staple, the band would spend their afternoons watching “The Three Stooges” stoned.  Soon enough, the band refined their blues-rock sound and found fame locally.  It was then that they were signed to their first record deal and their self-titled debut album marked the beginning of this enduring American band.

Not ones to ever be pigeon-holed into one style of music, Aerosmith freely moved from blues and rock ‘n roll to morphing rap music with hard rock for the first time.  Their collaboration with Run DMC on “Walk This Way” in 1986  broke barriers in the music industry and brought Aerosmith to an all-new level of popularity.  The MTV music video staple introduced the band to a brand new audience: some black, some white, but all young
Drugs fueled the band from its inception through its peak until it destroyed the band.  Dissension among band members led to fights.  Drugs led to sloppy performances and Steven Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry were known to pass out on stage at times.  The band broke up until all members agreed to find sobriety through drug rehab.  Fortunately for us, they were able to clean up and launch the third act of their now-storied career.

Although the band’s albums have been some of the highest selling of all-time, they only experienced a #1 single one time with the release of “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”, which was featured in the 1998 blockbuster, “Armageddon”.  Coincidentally, their only number one single was written by Diane Warren, not Aerosmith.

Cut to today.  Just when you thought Aerosmith could not branch out any further, they teamed up with Guitar Hero to bring their music to a new generation of kids through video games.  The latest Aerosmith tour, co-headlined by ZZ Top, is sponsored by Guitar Heroand you are guaranteed to see a wide cross-section of fans.  Be the coolest parents on your block and bring your kids.  They will be blown away that you have even heard of this band.  Little do they know that you have been following the band for thirty years!

Aerosmith will be joined by ZZ Top as they play the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday, August 21 and then in Irvine at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre on Sunday, August 23.  Only Golden Circle Tickets can get you the best seats – the ones unavailable everywhere else!

Westlife Tickets – Westlife Ticket for UK Tour


Westlife is an Irish pop band formed on 3 July 1998. The group’s original lineup comprised Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily, Shane Filan and Brian McFadden who left in 2004. Currently, Filan and Feehily serve as the band’s lead vocalists. The band is the only act in UK history to have their first seven singles go straight to Number 1, and they have gone on to sell over 43 million records worldwide which includes their studio, single, video, and compilation albums.They were signed by Simon Cowell and are currently managed by Louis Walsh. In 2008, they were declared as Ireland’s ninth-richest celebrities under 30 years old and 13th in general. They garnered 14 number one singles in the United Kingdom, the third-highest in UK history, tying with Cliff Richard and trailing behind only Elvis Presley and The Beatles. The band has also broken a few top records, including “Music artist with most consecutive number 1’s in the UK” and the “Biggest selling arena act in the Wembley Arena”.Over years of their career, Westlife’s music has evolved from teen pop to a pop sound, with an emphasis on ballads. All of the band members are songwriters, although most of their hits have been composed by external writers, most notably Steve Mac and Wayne Hector.On 1 June 2008, Westlife marked their 10th anniversary with a concert in Croke Park, Dublin which saw more than 83,000 fans attending the special occasion. Music Week revealed on their website that Westlife is the official third top touring act within the years 2005–2008, while they were 7th top touring act of 2008.
now Westlife is ready to rock the uk Floor.

westlife has confirmed their UK tour with followin dates ans locations.
Sunday 2nd May – Belfast Odyssey Arena
Thursday 6th May – Nottingham Arena
Friday 7th May – Liverpool Echo Arena
Sunday 9th May – Sheffield Arena
Wednesday 12th May – London O2 Arena
Sunday 16th May – Birmingham LG Arena
Thursday 20th May – Cardiff CIA
Monday 24th May – Glasgow SECC
Friday 28th May – Manchester ENA
Monday 31st May – Newcastle Arena
Saturday 5th June – Croke Park, Dublin
The band will travel to arenas across the UK throughout May, including stops at London’s O2 and the Manchester Evening News Arena. The show will include fan favourites, the band’s biggest hits and brand new tracks taken from their first new album in two years, ‘Where We Are,’ which was released on November 30th 2009.

Westlife are among the world’s most prolific touring acts, with eight sell out world tours already under their belts. Their most recent concert tour, 2008’s ‘Back Home Tour’ visited arenas across the UK and New Zealand, culminating in stadium shows in Ireland, including a sell out show at the legendary Croke Park in Dublin. On the show’s arrival at London’s Wembley Arena, it was declared that the boys had sold more tickets at the venue than any other act and had played a record number of dates there.

The tour will support the band’s brand new album ‘Where We Are’, which was recorded during much of 2009 in studios across Europe and the US. The record features work from pop’s finest craftsmen, including grammy nominated Ryan Tedder (Leona Lewis, Beyonce) Steve Robson (James Morrison, Take That) Steve Booker (Duffy) Louis Biancaniello and Sam Watters (Whitney Houston, Anastacia.) and Shaznay Lewis, who co-writes a track with band member Mark Feehily.

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Rock Music – History and Facts Revealed

One genre that appeals to most everyone is pop music owing to its light and catchy qualities. Pop music is so aptly called because it is a categorization that is largely based on the popularity of a song. There is no clear and distinct parameters to classify a song as pop music. For the most part, its popularity should translate to records sold and radio air times.

Pop music is a combination of various styles influenced by the evolving music forms. The development of pop music is one that is progressive, rolling over from generation to generation to snowball into its current form. As this is so, pop music has taken so many forms through each decade to reflect the musical preference of a particular generation.

Rich Vocals
During the 50s, popular tunes were those that were vocally rich with a string accompaniment and a vocal chorus back up. Country music and American folk music were great hits along with variations of standard formats. Great American songbook classics, crooners and big band singers adopted other musical techniques to give their music a modern twist. The listening public lapped these enhancements up and caused songs like Mack the Knife and Singing the Blues to top the charts. In contrast to these classics, rock and roll likewise rocked the American music industry with fast and infectious beats of Rock Around the Clock, Heartbreak Hotel, and Tutti Fruitti. These tunes not only rocked the airwaves, they also rocked the dance floors.

All in the Band
The next decade brought in what is called as the novelty song characterized by humorous lyric combined with melodies that are simple yet catchy (i.e. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, California Girls, and Good Vibrations). Worthy of note is the fact that the vocal harmonies and lyrics of these songs revolved around Californias surf, girls and cars. Thus the label Surf pop. Other popular music during the sixties were youth-oriented band music in up-tempo beat, I Want to Hold Your Hand,Cant Buy Me Love, Downtown, and To Sir With Love.” African American music likewise joined the popular music scene with its doo-wop style that gives prominence to melodic sounds and vocal harmonies. Rhythm and blues as well as Motown soul music were also chart-toppers during this period.
Cacophony of Sounds
From the 1970s to the present, pop music is as diverse as they come. A slowdown in musical tempo was seen in the early seventies when folk-based artists took center stage. Popular during these times were songs written by the singers themselves. Tempos picked up again towards in the second half of the decade when disco-dancing became a favorite pastime among the youth. Dance tunes Play That Funky Music, Staying Alive, and YMCA dominated the airwaves and the disco scene.

The 1980s and 1990s music scene was composed of music soundtracks, international hits, rock and roll, and pop icon duets. Another music development in this decade is the advent of charity records where artists put their talents together to raise funds for a cause. Particularly characteristic of the last two decades are the prevalence of songs by female artists like Mariah Carrey, Celine Dion, and pop icon Madonna. The new millennium kept with soulful ballads, hip hop pieces and dance tracks. Movie soundtracks remained chart-toppers.

Pop music is a genre that will always be around. People will always listen to music and music labels and radio stations will continue to track what songs people are listening to. For as long as people are playing and listening to music, there will always be a chart-topper.

Best songs of the 90s

The best songs of the nineties

The best songs of the 90s aren’t likely to go away and putting them together in a playlist makes for great entertainment.   A playlist for a social gathering or barbecue or perhaps a small get together among friends with a 90s playlist will merely bring back good memories.  As each generation has its own music revolution, the bands, dances and clothing pattern, the 90s highlighted many top of the chart acts and hits and had combinations of genres of rock, techno, hip hop and r&b.  In efforts to try to make a comparison in the merits of music a list of graph toppers is opinionated as becoming the best songs based mostly on cds sold and group or artist popularity.

Best Songs of the 90s summertime Hits

Kris Kross – Jump

This single topped the charts for a total of 8 weeks from April to June in the year 1992.  Who would have imagined that two kids from Atlanta would have a number one hit.  Kris Kross, AKA, Daddy Mac who was 12 and Mac Daddy who was 13 stood out from their rivalry child band, Another Band Creation who released “Playground” The graph topping song ‘Jump’ was created by Jermaine Dupri.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince – summertime

This was the first single released in 1998 by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince after Will Smith created The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  The song became #4 on the billboard and topped the {charts in two genres, Hot R&B tracks and Hot Rap Single.

Ricky Martin – Livin’ la Vida Loca

This song topped the charts for 5 weeks in 1999 from May to June and became the 10th best selling single in America that year.  It was a hot crossover from Hot Latin Tracks to Mainstream Pop.  Amazingly enough it was the first topper having been recorded with computer software as opposed to recording studio quality.

Best Songs of the 90s Top Rap Songs

MC Hammer – U Can’t touch This

A certified multi-platinum song winning a grammy  in 1991 for Best Rap Solo and Best R&B song.  This was a hit single from M.C. Hammers  cd and arrived at the top of the charts for R&B and Hip Hop Single.

Jay-z – Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)

From then rapper Jay-Z his single was granted gold in the year of 1999 and nominated for Best Rap Solo at the awards.

Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise

Released in the year 1995, tales of life in the hood, this single was composed for movie Dangerous Minds starring Michelle Pfeiffer. arrived at the top 100 charts and remained for 3 weeks and happens to be listed as the 69th greatest song of all time by Billboard Magazine.

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog – Nothin’ but a G thing

A hit song from 1193 from cd “The Chronic”.  This was Snoops’ first single and reached Billboard hot 100.

Best Songs of the 90s ‘POP’

Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

Initially  launched to pop audience, tells a tale of the nursery ryhme character becoming successful with sexual seduction.

Was number 1 rap hit and climbed to #11 for pop single.

 Heart – All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You

A rock ballad that hit #10 in its final days and climbed #2 on the {charts

Janet Jackson – Escapade

A Mardi Gras type yet carnival theme the song arrived at number one on the pop, R&B and dance charts.

 Mariah Carey – Vision Of Love

Nine weeks after first topping the hot 100 charts this song became Mariah Carey’s first #1 hit.

Best Songs of the 90s ‘Rock’

U2 – With or without you 

This song was one of their most successful one.  The first number on hit in both U.S. and Canada

held it’s spot for three weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

U2 – still havn’t found what I’m looking for

Second track from The Joshua Tree, became the groups second consecutive hit song on the Billboard after With or Without you.

Radiohead – High and Dry

First single released from their second cd and first released in the UK in 1995 even now remains the bands most popular radiohits.

The Proclaimers – 500 miles

one hit wonder, this song was released on what would have been Buddy Holly’s 58th birthday.  It made it to number two and # 34 in the U.S. contemporary Rock Track and U.S. Mainstream Rock and arrived at number 12 in the UK.

Stroke 9 – Little Black Backpack

Released in 1999 climbed to number 6 for U.S. contemporary Rock chart and hit U.S. top 40 Manstream.  Single from the album Nasty Little thoughts also hit number 3 on Canada’s Alternative Rock chart.

Nuno Bettencourt

Musical style

As a guitarist and songwriter, Bettencourt draws from an eclectic variety of styles and influences. However, his most prominent work has been in the realm of rock and heavy metal guitar despite his most popular commercial hits being acoustic songs. Bettencourt’s technical guitar playing is influenced by many different guitar players who have key attributes in their playing, that have rubbed off on Nuno such as Eddie Van Halen, Al Di Meola and Jimmy Page, while his solos and sense of melody are influenced by Brian May of Queen. He is particularly adept at arpeggios articulated via string-skipping tapping. One of the strongest elements in Nuno’s playing is his sense of rhythm, often using a very loose wrist technique to execute fast triplet picking licks to create a funky sound to his rhythm playing and also his use of poly-rhythms to blur bar lines and create a unique sound.


Early years

Nuno Bettencourt was born on September 20, 1966 in Praia da Vitria, Terceira, Azores, Portugal, to Ezequiel Mendes Bettencourt and wife Aureolina da Cunha Gil de vila. Bettencourt’s family, parents and two brothers Lus and Roberto Carlos, moved to Hudson, Massachusetts when he was four. Bettencourt lived on Main Street in Hudson for 21 years.

Initially, Bettencourt had little interest in music, preferring to spend his time playing hockey and soccer. His first instrument was the drums and he played them exclusively until his brother, Luis, began to teach him how to play guitar.

While Bettencourt was slow to adopt the instrument under his brother’s tutelage, his skills quickly developed when he began teaching himself, and he has mentioned in many interviews that he would skip many school days to practice upwards of 7 hours a day. In his sophomore and junior years of high school, Bettencourt dropped out of sports so he could focus on playing guitar. He would eventually drop out of high school for the same reason.

As a guitarist, one of Bettencourt’s earliest influences was Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen. However, as he developed his craft as a guitarist and songwriter, his influences expanded to embrace The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Queen, Pat Travers, Paco de Luca, Vito Bratta, Al Di Meola and Aerosmith.


Main article: Extreme (band)

Unable to make a dent in the music world with his Boston-based hair-metal act Sinful, Bettencourt rose to international prominence as a guitar player after he joined the Boston-area group Extreme in 1985. Signed to A&M Records shortly after Bettencourt joined the group, the band released its debut record, Extreme, in 1989.

In 1990, Extreme released their most critically acclaimed album, Pornograffitti, which included the hits “More Than Words” and “Hole Hearted”. The band followed it with III Sides to Every Story in 1992. Nuno composed and arranged the brass and string sections for this album and the full orchestra on III Sides to Every Story.

In 1993, Bettencourt co-wrote and produced “Where Are You Going” for the Super Mario Bros. movie. He also joined Robert Palmer in the studio to record Palmer’s album Honey.

In 1995, Extreme released the album, Waiting for the Punchline, but the band broke up in 1996 when Bettencourt expressed his desire to follow a solo career. Shortly after, singer Gary Cherone went on to become the lead singer of Van Halen.

In 2007, the band reformed with the original line up (with the exception of Paul Geary) to begin work on a new album, Saudades de Rock, released on August 12, 2008, and subsequent tour.

Extreme hiatus period

In 1997, Bettencourt released his first solo effort, Schizophonic, which he had been working on for five years. The album received good reviews but didn’t sell well.

On December 16, 1997, Bettencourt’s new band – Mourning Widows (whose name was inspired by a writing he had seen on a church wall back in Portugal), had a self-titled debut album released in Japan on Polydor Records. It sold 45,000 in the first month. The band featured Roberto Carlos’ son Donovan Bettencourt on bass and New York drummer Jeff Consi.

In 2000, Mourning Widow’s follow-up, Furnished Souls for Rent originally released in Japan, and then in the U.S. Both Mourning Widows releases cultivated a strong following in Japan and the New England region of the U.S.

In 2008, Bettencourt was featured on the soundtrack for the motion picture Smart People. Bettencourt is credited on the cover on the soundtrack as well. The soundtrack also features the Gary Cherone track, “Need I Say More”, and Baby Animals selections. The album was released by Hollywood Records and is available on iTunes.

In 2009, Bettencourt was featured in a song and video called “Best Night Ever” by Marshall, a character on How I Met Your Mother. The video was a parody of Extreme’s “More Than Words” video, in which the entire main cast of How I Met Your Mother made appearances.

Population 1 & DramaGods

Bettencourt formed the recording entity Population 1 and released the self-titled and self-produced 2002 release, Population 1, on Universal/Japan and YBM/Korea. In support of the Population 1 (which featured him playing all instruments on most tracks), release in Japan and Korea, Bettencourt assembled a band with Joe Pessia on bass, Steve Ferlazzo on keyboards and back-up vocals, and Kevin Figueiredo on drums and back-up vocals. Steve Ferlazzo was also featured in Cherone next band carnation effort after Van Halen breakup,(Along with Pat Badger and Mike Mangini from Extreme)Tribe of Judah.

In 2004, Population 1 released Sessions from Room Four as well as an east coast tour in the fall of that year. Due to legal issues, the name Population 1 was dropped in 2005 and the band was renamed to Near Death Experience, then again, renamed to DramaGods.

DramaGods released their first album in December 2005 available as an import via Victor Entertainment (Japan). The band then made their record available as a digital download on iTunes in early 2006.

DramaGods are currently seeking a record deal for release of their first album under the new name in the U.S. After an explosive debut on the increasingly-popular The Late Late with Craig Ferguson, the band (still called ‘Population 1′ at that point), later appeared on the social networking website MySpace, featuring videos and songs from the aforementioned Dramagods album, entitled Love.

Nuno decided to make the album available through iTunes before procuring an American record deal.

Bettencourt frequently toured with DramaGods in Japan where they appeared at the Udo Music Festival along with KISS, Santana, Jeff Beck, The Doobie Brothers, Alice in Chains, The Pretenders, Ben Folds Five, and others in July 2006 shortly after Bettencourt took part in a three date reunion tour with Extreme in New England.

Other works

Guitar Wars

Nuno Bettencourt’s playing has recently been featured on the Universal/Japan CD and DVD release of Guitar Wars featuring solo and collective performances of Bettencourt with many others, including Steve Hackett (Genesis, GTR), Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones and Racer X guitarist Paul Gilbert.

The Satellite Party

The Satellite Party is Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell’s new project which featured Bettencourt as lead guitarist (Nuno left the band in July 2007, citing disagreements about the direction of the live show), along with DramaGods drummer Kevin Figueiredo, bassist Carl Restivo (who also played with Extreme in the Azores in 2004), and Etty Farrell on backing vocals. An earlier lineup of the band with Perry Farrell, Etty Farrell, Nuno, Kevin Figueiredo, and Steve Ferlazo (Dramagods) on keyboards performed at the 2005 Lollapalooza festival.

Bettencourt helped produce Ultra Payloaded, the debut album by Satellite Party released on May 29, 2007 on Columbia Records. On June 29, 2007, they performed alongside Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon and Incubus in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In late July 2007, Nuno Bettencourt and Drummer Kfigg departed Satellite Party.

Criss Angel Mindfreak

The latest CD from magician Criss Angel contains a song on which Bettencourt appears and was released in June 2006. Sully Erna, Vince Neil, Shannon Larkin and Bettencourt join Angel in the video for the track “MF 2” which was shot atop the Aladdin parking garage.

Other Artists

Bettencourt is still active in the music industry. According to former Journey lead singer Steve Perry, Bettencourt has teamed with him to write and arrange songs. He also has writing and recording engagements with Maverick Records’ Tantric (Bettencourt co-wrote Tantric’s hit single “Hey Now”), Hollywood recording group BB Mak, Toni Braxton, and numerous others. Nuno announced in November 2009 that he will be touring with Pop Superstar Rihanna on her next world tour as her lead guitarist, having appeared alongside her in several TV shows and other performances. Nuno also stated that Extreme will continue.

Nuno has also collaborated with his wife Suze DeMarchi and with all of her Baby Animals bandmates. On Baby Animals second release, Shaved And Dangerous (July 1996), Nuno produced a few songs and co-wrote Because I Can, which he can clearly be heard playing guitar on as well. Additionally, on Nuno’s first solo release, Schizophonic (1997) all members of Baby Animals appear. Suze sings background with Nuno on the single Crave. Dave Leslie (guitar), Frank Celenza (drums) and Eddie Parise (bass) all join Nuno on the track Two Weeks In Dizneeland. Nuno also contributed greatly in writing, recording and producing Suze’s solo debut from 1998, Telelove.

Nuno also produced Dweezil Zappa’s 1991 release on Barking Pumpkin Records, Confessions. In this record, Nuno sings lead vocals for the first time on a semi-ballad entitled The Kiss, as well as playing guitar and singing background vocals on some other tracks. Extreme members Gary Cherone and Pat Badger also contributed.

Nuno also played guitar on a song featured on the CBS series ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and it is also on the website

Personal life

In 1994, Bettencourt married singer Suze DeMarchi. They have two children together: Bebe Orleans (b. February 2, 1996) and Lorenzo Aureolino (b. August 12, 2002). They currently live in Los Angeles.

Bettencourt cites Italian food as his favorite cuisine. His guilty pleasures include sushi and Butterfinger bars (Music Choice).

Washburn Guitars

In December 1990, Washburn Guitars unveiled the Washburn N4 Nuno Bettencourt Signature Series – a series of Bettencourt-designed guitars which endures today.

The Nuno Bettencourt models are flagshipped by the American hand-made Washburn N4. The Washburn N4 guitar is a small reverse headstock super-strat which features the unique Stephen’s Extended Cutaway neck joint for easy access to the higher frets. It also contains Bill Lawrence and Seymour Duncan pickups, and a Floyd Rose licensed tremolo. The production budget model of this guitar which was machine built in Korea is known as the N2 and features a standard bolt-on neck. The N3 was a short run Korean reproduction of the Washburn N4 using Washburn stock pickups. The original N2 and N3 guitars were prototype guitars built for Nuno. The N2 lacking the Stephen’s Extended Cutaway and the N3 using a Bill Lawrence L500-R in the neck rather than the Seymour Duncan 59. Other models include The N5 and N6. Nuno has also endorsed several Washburn acoustic models.



Extreme (1989)

Pornograffitti (1990)

III Sides to Every Story (1992)

Waiting for the Punchline (1995)

Saudades de Rock (2008)

Jim Gilmore

Putting Back The Rock (1990)

Janet Jackson

Black Cat (1990)

Dweezil Zappa

Confessions (1991)

Robert Palmer

Honey (1994)


Schizophonic (1997)

Mourning Widows

Mourning Widows (1998)

Furnished Souls For Rent (2000)

Population 1

Population 1 (2002)

Sessions From Room 4 EP (2004)


Love (2005)

Satellite Party

Ultra Payloaded (2007)

Smart People (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)



Guitars That Rule the World Vol.1 (1992)

JAM Project



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External links

Official site

Nuno Bettencourt at the Internet Movie Database

Nuno Bettencourt at Allmusic

Nuno Bettencourt at Discogs

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Bettencourt, Nuno


Bettencourt, Nuno Duarte Gil Mendes


Musician, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist


September 20, 1966


Praia da Vitria, Terceira, Azores, Portugal



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God Save the Queen and Ireland!

God Save the Queen and Ireland!

Well the Royal visit is here and her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, from Britain will be arriving in the Republic of Ireland on a four day historic state visit from May 17th until May 20th 2011.

This will be the Royal Family first visit to the south of Ireland in over 100 years, since Queen Victoria came here in 1900, and King George, Queen Mary 1911 so security preparation are well underway for the royal visit with tight security operations throughout the city streets of Dublin and other places around the Irish countryside.

I’m sure our own Irish military, the Garda force, along with her Queens own special protection company of British police, will keep  Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Albert along with the British Prime minister David Cameron safe and well during this historic visit.

Hopefully, it will be a joyous occasion for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip on there first visit and receive a “Cead Millie Failte” from the citizens of this isle of Ireland, North and South of the boarder.

It’s been a while since we had any British monarchy visit the Irish Republic, except for Prince Charles visit to Dublin back in 1995. The last visit of a British Queen was Queen Victoria back on the 4th of April 1900 she was back on Irish soil. Arriving by the monarchy Royal yacht on April the 3rd in the early afternoon the Royal yacht and anchored in harbour, Queen Victoria was met with one hundred canon salute out across the Dublin bay. So I wonder will Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip be met with the same momentous greeting when she arrives at the Presidential Residence at the Áras anUachtaráin in the Phoenix Park, where the Queen and Prince will be met by our own Irish head of State Mary McAleese Wendesday 17th 2011 a day for the history books, for these islands…

There’s a monument erected back in 1911 in commemoration to Queen Victoria last visit to Ireland in 1910. The monument is named the “Queen Victoria Fountain” stands about 12 ft high and about 6 ft wide, and lovely piece of wrought iron structural engineered craftmanship, that’s hard to see these days in our modern city of Dublin today.

Victoria Water Fountain Dun Laoghaire

(The contributor of this photo is Peter Beaven)

Constructed by Walter McFarland and shipped from Glasgow, Scotland. From my understanding it was serious damaged in 1980 and went under major restoration to original status.

This historic state visit to Ireland by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will see them tour some historic sites that still today carry very powerful reminders of the Republic’s troubled relationship with the Crown of Great Britain. When the royals visit Croke Park, will be a poignant moment for all, where the Hatchet must be buried for good and look forward to more harmoniously relationship of our two islands. For the 14 men who died indiscriminately in 1920, must be put to rest, and of the troubled past of 30 odd years of bitter hate in the North of Ireland

The Royal family will visit Dublin Castle for a state Dinner, hosted by the Irish Government and our President Mary McAleese in honour of the Royal Family visit to the South of Ireland, a visit to the Garden of Remember, Trinity College Dublin, which was founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, and where she will see a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, a visit to Rock of Cashel, in County Tipperary, and onto Coolmore Stud equestrian centre…

Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel, where once our own Kings sat from the Munster County, and where folklore tells us. St, Patrick’s banished Satan from a cave, resulting in the rock in Cashel.

“It’s a pity, St, Patrick, didn’t Banished a few Rotten Senior Bankers and Politicians we had of lately”

So a very busy schedule of the Royals of Britain over the next few day’s, and I’m sure lot’s of talk and discussion groups in Pubs,Restaurants, Clubs, and homes, around the country and the world for that matter, chatting for and against there visit. And sure why not, doesn’t the country need good publicity after the shambolic state of our senior public servants, politicians allowing the country to go to the lowest darkest point in the history of the state, and still get to keep their stately pensions, and perks? An amazing bunch of treachery wasters! Get away Scott Free, while our youth, and aged suffer, caused by their denials and bad mismanagement of duty to state and the citizens of Ireland.

As I and my aged mother of 82, sat down and watched Dave Mc Williams’s program on RTE Sunday night “What did The Brits do for Ireland” I was pleasantly surprised with my mother statement, they gave us jobs, when our own government failed to provide work. What I said? Thinking about what she said and her own experience when she worked in England in 1949 at Phillips Electric in Birmingham, she said there was nothing here for the young in Ireland, and we had to immigrate to England to find work. Sure I had to do it myself telling me Ma, back in the late seventies heading off from Dun Laoghaire harbour, or should I say Kingstown, where thousand of Irish left before in the sixties, seventies, on the ferry boat, which was at that time called the cattle or the mail boat looking for work in London, Manchester, Coventry or even Glasgow,. Sure today we see the same, the exodus of our young brains leaving the shores of Ireland just as I left in the late seventies, for a job… But there was jobs for the boys, and some of the fair maidens, if ya had the inside scoop? Tis the same today, as it were 100 years ago? It’s not what ya knew, but who you know…

After watching Dave Mc Williams program, it was food for thought, Britain did contributed more to Ireland in the form of employment, opportunities, enterprise, and yes a dig out just recently, in a monetary loan to help dig ourselves out of the mess we find ourselves in.

I wonder when the dignitaries all sit down at there dinner table, and sitting there on fine Irish linen of the best china and silverware, hopefully made in Ireland or England and not in China, will there be a thought for these young citizens having to leave there homes and families for foreign shores, and the age and unemployed hanging on with their meagre means from the welfare handouts, that this government and past government attacked in its last two budgets of austerity measures. You bet it won’t be mentioned, but that’s not for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip are here for. There visiting to see the country and its people, and most likely purchase a few ponies to help out the economy,  that once was governed by there predecessor 100 years back.

Well I know the Queen Loves horses, and thoroughbreds racing is in her blood, like myself I love the Sport of Kings. She’ll be having her cheque book and ready with her on her visit to Coolmore stud, and she’ll be sure be looking for a few nice Irish breed nags to add to her list of champions, like the up coming Charlton House she owns, keep an eye on this guy, figures to win some major events in the coming racing season 2011, Remember you got the tip here

So will the street’s of Dublin and villages of our Irish countryside, be donned with the Union Jacks of buntings and flags and the waving and cheers as the royal motorcade drives by, will it happen?  Back  when the last few British Monarchs arrived in Kingstown, or Dun Laoghaire when thousands of Irish  young, old, rich and poor gathered cheering and greeting the British Monarchy, with songs of Rule Britannia and god save our queen,  Will it happen again after 100 years has past by. The last high British Monarch to visit Ireland was none other than King George and Queen Mary in July 1911.

They drove around the streets of Dun Laoghaire in an opened carriage pulled by two horses on their visits to Trinity College, over Leeson Street Bridge and many other locations around the capital.

Well we’ll have to wait and see, and wish the Royal Family a “Cead Millie Failte” from the citizens of Ireland, and to welcome the Royal Family back again soon.

Himself Libertyed



The Deadly Effects of Rock and Roll

“Rock and roll doesn’t really mean a band. It doesn’t mean a singer, it doesn’t mean a lyric, really. It’s that question of trying to be immortal.” — Malcolm Mclaren (Manager, Sex Pistols)

Everybody wants to be like them-the rock gods. People hero-worship them. They buy their albums, watch their concerts, and even try to dress like them. A lot of people aspire to become rock stars. They want fame, money, and other things that come with the image of being a musical icon. Young people today want to be rock stars more than anything else. They want to sing loud songs, strum the guitars to produce loud music, and beat the drums real hard. Young people want to experience the euphoria that these rock icons claim they feel whenever they’re on stage.

The rock and roll era started in the traces its roots in the 1950’s. When a form of music popular music with vocal melody accompanied by drums, guitars, and bass were introduced to the mainstream. It became a hit and gave birth to different forms of rock and roll. In 60’s there were folk rock, jazz-rock fusion, and Psychedelic rock. Jimi Hendrix was a hit in the 60’s, rock fanatics consider him as the greatest guitarist in rock history.

In the 1970’s, soul, funk, and latin incorporated its influences on rock and roll music and developed a number of sub-genres. This included soft rock, blues rock, hard rock, progressive rock, punk rock, and heavy metal. The 1970’s featured bands like Fleetwood Mac and Led Zepplin. Psychedelic rock and progressive rock merged and gave birth to Glamour Rock.

The 1980’s added different forms of rock like synth rock and alternative rock. Grunge-rock, Britpop, Indie rock, piano rock, sufi rock, and nu rock were hits in the 1990’s. Nirvana, with lead vocalist Kurt Cobain, was the major influence in grunge era.

Fame and glamor have taken the limelight in the rock and roll industry. What is on the back seat are number of famous rock stars and rock icons who died before they reached the age of 30. They died  premature deaths.

Jimi Hendrix, probably the best guitar player ever died in bed after drinking wine and taking Vesperax sleeping pills. Some believe he committed suicide because of a sad poem found in his apartment. Others believe that Hendrix was murdered. He was forced to take the sleeping pills and the wine and was suffocated with a scarf by professionals hired by his manager Michael Jeffery. Many believe however that the potency of the sleeping pills were misjudged and suffocated in his sleep because he failed to regain consciousness when he vomited. Prior to his death Hendrix was known for the use of drugs like heroin and LSD-a known “trip” drug. Clinical studies show that LSD users experience flashbacks of certain people’s experience. These flashbacks occurs suddenly and may occur a few days after intake.
Kurt Cobain, the lead vocalist of Nirvana, famous for his abrasive and disturbing songwriting and vocal style died at age 27. He was cited as one of the most influential rock and roll musicians of all time. Reports say that throughout Cobain’s life he battled anxiety and depression, bronchitis, and intense physical pain due to an undiagnosed stomach condition. Reports say that because of the physical pain he felt, Cobain developed anxiety-disorder self-medicated with heroin. Cobain heroin addiction worsened as the years go by. He made his first rehab attempt in 1992 when he found out that he was going to have a baby with lover, Courtney Love. Reports say that Cobain committed suicide, he shot himself with a shot gun. Though there were several reports that the Nirvana vocalist was murdered. Based on the songs that he wrote, it is clear that Kurt Cobain lived a life of misery. pain, and angst.

Blind Melon lead singer Richard Hoon 28, died of heroin overdose. Reports say that upon the increased success of the band in the early 90’s, the members of Blind Melon became increasingly involved in drug use. Hoon was always the primary offender and was constantly involved in drug-induced rampage and other related incidents. On October 21, 1995, Richard Hoon was added to a list of rock stars who died before 30.

Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Richard Hoon, all dead before age 30. What went wrong? Were they overwhelmed by fame that they lost control of reality and turned to drugs and other banned substances? It is clear that these rock stars were not happy at all. Death in some ways make people more interesting and famous than when they were still alive. However ,dead rock stars are reminders of the pain and anxiety that may take place as side effects of fame.

Electric or Acoustic Guitar – The Beginner’s Choice

When trying to decide between playing an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar, it is best to know which sound you are more into. If you like country music, folk or even bluegrass, then you should probably go with an acoustic guitar. If you are more interested in metal or hard rock music, an electric guitar would be the choice for you. Knowing the style of music you enjoy listening to is a great factor to consider before picking out a guitar. If you choose a guitar that fits the style of music that you are most interested in, you will probably enjoy practicing the instrument more and develop your skills faster.

Advantages of Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Acoustic Guitar

There are different advantages of both the acoustic and electric guitar that you should be aware of. One of the advantages of an acoustic guitar is that you can easily grab it and play it anywhere you want without any hassle. Whether you want to go camping or play at a friend’s house, you do not have to bring an amplifier or use electricity to be able to play the instrument. Acoustic guitars are an easy go, but they can be a bit harder to play than an electric guitar.

Electric Guitar

The advantage of playing an electric guitar is that you can play around with the different effects and distortions to suit the sound you want. If you want to play more aggressive music such as metal or rock, this is definitely the guitar for you. Electric guitars can be easier to play compared to an acoustic guitar, because it is much more forgiving to your fingers, but you usually have to keep a battery powered device or electricity to be able to play this type of guitar.

Whatever you decide on, playing any type of instrument will let you become familiar with all the different and wonderful sounds that it is capable of producing. Any type of guitar, whether it is an acoustic or an electric guitar, can be challenging and frustrating in certain instances, but can be very soothing and satisfying at the most if you have the patience and determine to learn. Taking guitar lessons in Columbia, MD will help you partake in the magical world of music and master it at all levels.

Before taking guitar lessons in Columbia MD, or any instrument for that matter, make sure to do your research and get to know the instrument you wish to learn. If you do not really know what kind of guitar you want, you can always go to your local music store and ask questions about the instrument. If you are lucky enough, they will even allow you to play it so you can have a feel of it. It will also help to listen to different types of music and to see which style you enjoy the most. There is no need for you to be pressured, but instead, take your time to experiment with all types of guitars until you find the right one for you. Of course, if you can afford both an acoustic and an electric guitar, then you will have even more fun when developing your skills with this string instrument.

Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood-The Ultimate Dining Experience

The Hollywood Hard Rock Café is the latest addition of rock cafes opened in July-2010 in Hollywood. The café has total seating capacity for around 400 people with such state of the art facilities like live music, vibrant bar, memorabilia rock wall and two rock shops selling items like t-shirts, bags, hats and gift cards. The Hard Rock Café is located in Hollywood Highland Centre just near such famous Hollywood attractions like Kodak Theatre, Walk of Fame and Chinese Theatre. It regularly hosts musical events, corporate functions, press conferences and birthday parties. Some of the clients include Walt Disney Studios, NBC, Sony Pictures and EMI Music.

The Hard Rock Cafe was originally founded by two music loving Americans, Peter Morton &Isaac Tigrett in the year 1971 at London. From 1982 onwards more Hard Rock Cafes were opened worldwide in cities like Toronto, Berlin, Paris, San Francisco and Chicago. Today there are more than seventy thousand collections of different memorabilia items displayed on the walls of Hard Rock Cafes spread all over the world.

Hard Rock Café Menu:

The café has to offer so much ranging from delicious sandwiches, salads, milk-shakes, burgers, desserts and drinks. Here are some of the important foods served at Hard Rock Café, Hollywood.

Tupelo Chicken Tenders:





Boneless chicken tenders seasoned and served with honey-mustard and Hickory Bar-B-Que sauces, celery sticks, blue cheese dressing.

Red, White & Blue Burger:

Grilled with Buffalo sauce and Cajun Seasoning, topped with crumbled blue cheese and fried onion ring.

Thai Chicken Pizza:

It consists of grilled chicken added with carrots, peanut sauce, and mozzarella cheese and topped with green onions, cilantro and bean sprouts.

California Chicken Club Sandwich:

5576577821_7debc71be3_t.jpgThis sandwich is made from grilled chicken, seasoned bacon, tomato, avocado slices, lemon mayo and lettuce on toasted bread. It is then served with seasoned fries.

Haystack Chicken Salad:

3043753961_21f7c6920e_t.jpgThis salad is made from combining mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots, pico de gallo and shredded cheese. The mixture is topped with Tupelo fried chicken or a grilled chicken breast and tossed with ranch dressing.

Sesame Chicken Salad:

5837319615_f68633d4e5_t.jpgThis is a combination of crisp romaine, grilled chicken, celery, mandarin oranges, sesame seeds, almonds, fried wontons, cilantro and green onion.

Booking Reserved Seats in Advance:

For a small group of 8 persons, seats can be booked 30 days in advance. Same day reservation is not permitted due to everyday rush. The booking can be done online through café website.

The Rock Shops in Hard Rock Café:

It sells apparels, watches, jewelry, musical instruments, bags and gift items. The T shirts and collectible pins are the most wanted items in the store.

Regular events take place in the café that include corporate functions, birthday parties and musical performances. It is also a great location for spotting celebrities.

The Big Four Tour

Lots and lots of rumors are floating around about a possible Big 4 world tour. When referring to the Big 4 we mean the four biggest Thrash bands in the land. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. This would be a dream come true for every heavy metal fan out there, but I just don’t think it can happen.

Obviously there are logistics and schedules that would make it difficult, but the main reason I don’t think it can happen is the fact that they all hate each other. I mean hate! The history amongst these bands and the fact that they have competed for the same fan base has torn any possible relationships to shreds.

I’m not going to get into the story of Dave Mustaine and Metallica because that’s been done to death, but when your band leaves you on the side of the road and tells you the rides over… your going to be bitter. Some believe Mustaine formed Megadeth, just to get back at Metallica. I’m one of those believers.

Another issue is the mouth on Kerry King. The guitarist of Slayer is forever ripping on everyone specially Dave Mustaine. Other then performing Kerry’s favorite past time is talking crap about Mustaine and when he’s not doing that he’s calling Metallica a bunch of sell outs. The only way this tour could happen is if they segregate Kerry from the rest of the world. Megadeth and Slayer have been on tour together this year, but never actually spoke the entire time. It must have worked because they are taking the tour out to Australia and then back to Canada. Maybe that’s how you do it, they do their sets and go to the bus.
Now I haven’t mentioned Anthrax because they pretty much get along with everyone and have toured with the three other bands on several occasions, but Kerry did not want them to feel left out so he did an interview that stated Anthrax on the tour might not be a good idea because they are dwindled and non-effective now. That got Scott Ian in an uproar and he started posting footage of Anthrax with John Bush on Twitter and sending them to Kerry to show how Anthrax still has it and King doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

We still haven’t covered who would open and close the shows. I think its pretty obvious in my opinion. Opening spot would go to Anthrax as they have had several shifts and Bush isn’t officially back with the band. Slayer can go next to ramp up the crowd a little bit and then Megadeth just for the symbolic gesture of having Metallica come out after Mustaine’s set. As much as people go off about Metallica they are the most successful Metal band in history and should be the closers of the show. But egos don’t think that clearly.

This tour just isn’t going to happen. Way to many variables and I do hope I’m wrong because it would be amazing. What a treat to see all four of them together. As you read through this I’m sure you all agree that maybe it could happen if we just got rid of Kerry King…

How to get signed to a Metal Label

If you are in a metal band and you are looking to get signed to a record label the very advice that might work for “pop” artists just doesn’t work for you

For example I always see record industry people saying “Be Unique” – WTF? does that mean exactly? Smear sh#t all over yourself and bang a trash can lid ? Yeah thats Unique but that isn’t going to get you signed.

In fact I swear that half the time I see bands getting signed is because they ARE NOT unique? Ya know what I am saying , The Grunge Movement, Nu-metal, Screamo etc – do I have to go on?

Another “great” piece of advice that most people in the music industry give is to make sure you have “Talent” Um yeah ok – what does that mean – I am sure that if you played the average “Simon Cowell” type of record industry dude some Early Low fi Norwegian Black Metal he would think it is just useless noise and the Black Metal scene and all the countless bands it has spawned would have never come about. In fact the Norwegian Government actually acknowledges Norwegian Black Metal is a legimate industry and worldwide export!

The bottom line with “having talent” is it is debtable at best – in my opinion most of the so called “stars” who sell millions of records have very little talent, if any at all.
Another Gem of wisdom the supposed “experts” like to give bands looking to get signed is to cut a demo. I will agree with this – Making demos is a very useful way to get your songs down and for everyone to listen back to how you actually sound as opposed to how you think you sound while you are in a rehearsal room and are focussed on palying your parts correctly

But making a demo with the very very slim chance of mailing it off to a record compnay in the hope that some one there in the mail room is going to listen to your demo and hear the genius of what you are doing and rush out and sign you guys is, lets face it – just not going to happen

So what can you do to get a record deal? I mean, it seems like every day of the week metal bands are getting signed.

Well, there are very clear steps on the path to take to get yourself signed, far too many to list here in this article

If you are interested in what it takes to get the attention of a metal label then Check the link below

The Right Corporate Entertainment Hire Can Make Your Event Stand Out

If you are going to the trouble of putting on a corporate event then you may as well make it enjoyable and memorable. The best way to do that is to get some entertainment. There are some great corporate entertainment providers here in Melbourne and across the country, so get online and find the right group for your function. Whether it is a slick and professional band or a troupe of amusing performers, your function will stand head and shoulders above the rest with the right entertainers.

Let’s face it, the reason you are holding the event is either to say thank you to staff, customers or clients or to attract new customers or clients. The purpose of the event is twofold, first you want to create something enjoyable, and second you want to enhance your brand, you want to promote your company. Even if this is by increasing the esprit de corps within your employees, there is a bottom line involved, which means you do not simply want to do a by the numbers event. You want to make it enjoyable, you want to create an interesting and memorable event that will fulfil your two objectives.

That is why entertainment is so good, it makes the event stand out, it gives it a focus and it creates that kind of event that is both enjoyable and enhances your brand. The last thing you want to do is spend all this money and to have no effect, so get the right entertainment and make your corporate event rock. There are some excellent corporate entertainment companies in Sydney, they can get you pretty much any type of act you want, they will be able to listen to your needs and give you some really excellent choices that will suit the type of event you are doing. It is really important to match the entertainment with the style of event so that the whole thing works. Get the wrong entertainment and it will not gel, the last thing you want at a charity gala is a death metal band.

The reason you go to a entertainment hire company is that they know what is out there and can match your event with your entertainment perfectly. They will have seen these people perform a number of times before and know how good they are.

This is really important, you want the event to be money well spent so get the right entertainment.

7 Easy Metal Songs To Play On Guitar

So you may have started playing guitar, learning the necessary skills to get yourself going, and now you’re on the hunt for easy metal songs to play on guitar. Well, I salute you for indulging in metal guitar since attempting this genre on guitar will really test your tempo, speed, technical detail, and patience.

Here is a compilation of easy metal songs to play on guitar that are practical goals for beginning guitarists. There’s always going to be a debate on what “metal” truly means as a genre, but this list is really all about sculpting your skills for the heavier and more aggressive side of playing guitar.

* “Confined” by As I Lay Dying

This metal song on guitar is definitely a test of your double-picking abilities. The tempo for this song may appear daunting, but your main focus should be on precision and rhythm since picking is emphasized in somewhat simple patterns.

* “Faint” by Linkin Park

Although this is considered “nu-metal” it still falls into the genre of metal. This song can give you more of a lesson in consistency and chord structure as you move smoothly in and out of the verses and choruses.

* Most of “End of Heartache” by Killswitch Engage is fairly easy.

When you take a stab at an easy metal song on guitar, you need a taste of a break-down riff and “End of Heartache” contains just that. To be honest, most of this song is a break-down riff. You’ll also find a nice mix of fair lead licks to practice on as well.

* The lead riff of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica isn’t too bad.

This riff is considered a classic and anybody who’s anybody as a guitarist usually knows this one. It’s at a medium tempo and isn’t too difficult for a beginner.

* “All That’s Left” by Thrice

This easy metal song on guitar starts with a sweet riff that gets fists pumping immediately. As the song continues, you’ll find a nice mix of power chords and strong palm-muted rhythms to practice.

* “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door” by Underoath

Again, this can be considered a different kind of metal, but Underoath usually doesn’t disappoint. “Dangerous Business” gives you some experience with power chords along with some more diverse chord formations right from the beginning of the tune.

* “Change” by The Deftones

Another “nu-metal” tune that’s easy on guitar for metal players, “Change”, should introduce style into your playing. Although this tune appears to be side-splittingly simple, the subtleties of the song lie in your ability to emulate the band’s style.

In your guitar travels I’m sure that you’ll start your own personal list of metal guitar songs that are easy for you to play, but these can get your foot in the door if you’re not sure where to go yet. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite band out of this list.

Tips on Scream Singing Techniques

There are singers who possess the talent to write songs, do great on live shows or through auditions, can sing in harmony with a band, and can create great singing without general music. But Scream singing sometimes looks like a noise to many people. The process of scream singing is a complicated one as it requires screaming in a proper manner, especially if you are dealing with a death metal singing.

It is important to know the right techniques to learn scream singing. It should be kept under consideration that screams singing can be achieved properly by practicing it regularly. You should experiment new things on your voice as this will help you to acknowledge your singing limits. Also, by adopting different warming up methods will enable you to find the one that suits your voice perfectly. Learn all the things about your voice as this is important for your success as a professional singer. The following guidelines will help you to become a professional singer in scream singing.

1) You should have patience to learn to scream singing properly. You cannot be a good scream singer overnight.

2) It would take a good length of time to perfect it. If you are being impatient and are screaming beyond your capability, it will be of no help to you. Rather, it would lead to serious vocal chord damage.

3) In scream singing, if you are trying to use all air immediately, it will result in hurting.

4) Remember that excess of everything is bad.
5) Get familiar with head resonance, if you are planning to learn scream singing.

6) Learn to scream nasally that actually pictures the nasal sound that comes out of your nose. It makes a healthier option than to sing deeply by using your throat.

8) A death metal singing will help you to learn scream sing in a proper manner.

9) Always apply a good singing technique as it warms you up in a long way.

10) Stop scream singing, if you feel any kind of vocal strain because it can hurt you seriously.

11) Relax yourself. Avoid talking if your voice is strained.

12) In case if you have to talk, avoid creating whispering sounds, that would double your problem.

13) It will block your vocal chords and increase the chances of causing more damage to them.

14) If it is really needed, talk in the normal usual way.

15) Stay hydrated to better learn to scream. Drink lots of water.

16) Drinking cola before your performance will coat your throat by causing better reverberation.

17) Have diluted squash juice, in case if you don’t want plain water.

18) Staying hydrated, will improve your voice for scream singing and your health as well.

Therefore, these scream singing tips, will help you learn to scream properly. But remember, you should enjoy scream singing in a safe manner.

Top 3 Reasons to visit the Grammy Museum located in Downtown Los Angeles

Top 3 Reasons to visit the Grammy Museum located in Downtown Los Angeles

Find yourself a music buff? Or even a music enthusiast? Well LA’s very own Grammy Museum is a must visit for any level of music lover. This state of the art museum occupies 4 floors of exhibit hall space at LA’s very own LA LIVE. The Grammy Museumcelebrates the enduring legacies of music history by showcasing the creative process that is involved, the art, the technology behind the recording process, and the history of the GRAMMY awards. But among other things here are the top three reasons to visit the Grammy Museum:

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Reason number 1:

The Grammy Museum offers guest a view of one of kind artifacts from past music icons to today’s top of the chart artist. Artifacts like Michael Jackson’s Thrillers wardrobe to hand written letters by Buddy Holly. It offers a scenic wall to wall experience with musical films playing throughout the venue. And it offers its visitors an interactive experience that explores music history’s most beloved musical entertainers known to date.

On a side note:

  • The Grammy Museum explores everything from Hawaiian music to Death Metal, and every type of musical genre in between. So we’re sure you’ll find an artist here that you will recognize.
  • The Grammy Museum is one of the world’s largest, modern, music museums to date.

Reason number 2:

Along with telling the amazing stories of music’s most iconic artist i.e. Elvis, BB King, Michael Jackson, Metallica, Celine Dion, REM, etc. The Grammy Museum has gone out of their way in putting together an exciting design concept unlike any other. This musical journey not only complements the musical atmosphere, but its setting creates a one of a kind experience for all guest and visitors. Here are two great exhibits we have to mention:

  • The Crossroads Table: Here guest can touch a flat panel touch screen that showcases 164 genres of music, with various artists, where visitors are able to learn a little about their history as well as get snippets of their musical work.
  • In The Studio: This exhibit offers guest their input in the recording process as users can select from a variety of options and choose what will work best in the production process.

Things to Note:

How does The GRAMMY Museum compare to other music museums around the globe:

  • Debuted December 2008 in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the GRAMMY Awards
  • One-of-a-kind, 30,000 square foot museum with interactive, permanent and traveling exhibits
  • Four floors of dynamic and stimulating exhibit space
  • More than two dozen exhibits that explore the greatest GRAMMY music, everything from rock and hip-hop to country, classical, Latin, R&B, and jazz
  • 200 seat state-of-the-art Clive Davis Theater
  • Target Terrace – Roof top terrace perfect for special programs and private events
  • Interesting and thought-provoking educational and public programs featuring films, lectures and performances

How to get a Metal Record Deal

If you are in a metal band, and someone offers you advice on how to get a record deal they might be offering advice from the angle of people in pop bands, and that just isn’t going to work for a metal band.

People might tell you if you want to get signed you have to “do your own thing” but a lot of the time people get signed because they’re copying someone else, so that’s not necessarily good advice, i continually see people in the nu-metal, grunge and screamo scenes out and out ripping someone off.

The next bit of advice someone might hand out to you, who probably knows nothing really about how to get signed is to have “talent”. One mans talent is another mans disaster so that is a relative argument.  If you played, to someone like “Simon Cowell” a record industry guy, some early days norwegian black metal he would probably think it totally sucked and it was just rubbish, and with this in mind, the black metal scene and the countless bands it generated would never have come to be.  The norwegian government now ,actually acknowledges Norwegian black metal is an industry that operates and sells product  and also is a world wide export!
At the end of the day “talent ” is a different thing to different people and can’t logically be explained in one way, you either like it or you dont.  Most big stars these days in my estimate have the smallest amount of talent going, if any at all.

Next on the list of advice that might be handed to you by those who “know all” is to get yourself a demo together.  This point i agree with , it’s a great idea to record how you sound in the rehearsal room so you can hear how you actually sound , rather then how you think you sound when your playing, and it will help you get your parts down better.

But if you think by sending your demo off in the mail to record companys, and someone is going to hear it and sign you, then you better think again, it doesnt work that way.

So what can you do to get signed?Metal  Bands seemed to be getting signed all the time, every week.

There are some things you can do to get signed but the points are to many to list in this article

Geddy Lee and His Influence on Progressive Metal Music

Geddy Lee first appeared on the world music stage in the year 1968, when he joined a Canadian rock band called Rush. His childhood friend, Alex Lifeson, a member of that rock band, asked Geddy Lee to join as Jeff Jones, the front man at that time, was to be replaced. Geddy Lee soon assumed the front man part, as he became the lead vocalist, keyboardist and bassist of Rush. Since then, Geddy Lee made history in progressive metal music and influenced great rock players.

Progressive metal music has its origins in the progressive rock of the 1960s, but did not become a genre until the 1980s. This form of rock is a blend between the powerful guitar sound of heavy metal, intricate instrument playing and complex structures. Jazz and classical music also influenced progressive metal music. The duration of a progressive metal song is longer than a standard one. Rush’s Geddy Lee was one of the first to introduce progressive rock to the world. Throughout the years, Rush’s music combined different music styles and gave birth to new genres of rock, while Geddy Lee had a major impact on progressive metal music.

In the 1990s, MTV gave progressive metal music mainstream exposure by making Queensrÿche’s “Silent Lucidity” a big hit. Although this was not exactly the song to represent metal music, it brought many progressive metal bands into the spotlight and made this rock genre more popular. Dream Theatre was next. This band truly represented progressive metal music. Even to this day, Dream Theatre is one of the most successful progressive metal bands and this success can be partially attributed to Geddy Lee. This band is most famous for their technical proficiency and Geddy Lee was their inspiration. Metallica’s Cliff Burton or Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris were also inspired by the front man of Rush, so it is safe to say that this man had a big impact upon the development of progressive metal music.
Geddy Lee did not settle for playing with Rush. He has also produced many albums for other bands, and, in the year 2000, his solo was released. Progressive rock was now richer due to Geddy Lee’s contribution to this genre by every means possible. He composed songs and performed for Rush, he inspired many great artists, who successfully made a name for themselves, he produced albums for different other bands and he also released a solo.

Progressive metal music is as complex as Geddy Lee’s style. We can safely say that this prolific Rush member influenced many progressive metal artists, but he also added his touch to other music genres. Progressive metal music is a vast genre of rock because it can be broken down into numerous sub- genres, each of them corresponding to different music styles that artists have chosen as inspiration. Geddy Lee is an artist who, throughout the years, has looked for inspiration in many music styles and integrated them into his music. So the contribution Geddy Lee has had to progressive metal music is of great importance.

For more resources about Progressive metal music or even about Geddy Lee please review this web page

Rock On Your Souls

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Rock your music concert by using distortion pedals

Although similar to overdrive, which is the sound of a guitar tube amplifier being pushed to its limit, distortion is generally classified as the grey sonic zone that falls between overdrive and fuzz, which is generated from pedals that create a fully saturated and compressed distorted sound, such as The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” or “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix. Distortion pedals are relatively simple circuits but can vary widely. Overdrive pedals and distortion pedal offerings are practically ubiquitous from most pedal manufacturers because of the subjective tastes among musicians as to their preferences among distortion tones as they relate to each player’s gear setup.

In the broadest sense, distortion pedals try to reproduce the sound of an amplifier stack while maintaining the touch dynamics that are often drastically reduced, if not eliminated by fuzz. The increased gain and sustain from distortion pedals can be achieved through different integrated circuit chips and combinations of various capacitors and resistors. Although not a hard and fast rule, distortion pedals frequently include some kind of EQ control unlike overdrives, which are predominantly gain and volume based only. This is because the greater gain levels produced by distortion pedals can increase noise and squeals substantially, especially in the upper treble frequency ranges.

Some guitarists may use an array of different distortion pedals in their setups with a variety of presets for each song’s sonicrequirements. Distortion can range from a bluesy tone with a violin like sustain to a full assault heavy metal crunch. With the rise of boutique pedal manufacturers and “Do It Yourself” – DIY customization demands, distortion pedals can be had in a staggering variety of configuration and tonal options. Some noted players, like David Gilmour, Carl Verheyen and Prince may have 3 or more different distortion pedals in their stage setups, each with completely different gain and EQ settings and signal chain routing. Distortion pedals that include octave dividers, delay, ring modulation and other effects have been introduced into the market of late. Not only do these new combination pedals provide unique sonic options for guitarists, but are designed to help them maximize the amount of real estate on their pedal boards.

In the wake of fierce competition in today’s markets, players whose recognizable guitar tones have become synonymous with particular pedals have often been branded with signature pedal models. Distortion is a useful guitar tone that can be combined with other effects to craft even more unique and individualized sounds, regardless of music genre of playing style. Heavy metal shredders Yngwie Malmsteen and Zack Wylde, country superstar Brad Paisley, prog rocker Steve Vai and the legendary blues rocker Rory Gallagher are just a few of the many guitar icons who have signature distortion pedals to their names. Distortion has matured from being an effect confined to rock music into a universal sound tool for specific applications in all styles.

Vertical Band Saw Buying Guide For Diy Enthusiasts

A metal band saw comes either as a horizontal band saw or a vertical band saw. It can be used to make curves and to cut hard objects, but can this be all that they can do? Negative, as they can also cut small rabbets, tenons and be used to re-saw thin strips. .Band saw is a power tool, which consists of a continuous piece of adjustable steel, having teeth on a side or both. When getting one, it is essential you are aware of some features of the particular type you are purchasing.

The things to think about before getting a band saw can be tasking especially if you are doing this for the first time, but not to worry as only two of these concerns; if you are already thinking of them will rate as major. .The two top things you should consider before getting a band saw are the throat and the depth of the cut. The throat of a band saw for instance is the distance measured from the vertical frame side to the blade. This distance is used to determine the width of cut which a band saw can complete. .While the depth of cut is calculated by measuring the distance between the upper blade guides and the table. This feature is often used by manufacturers to market their band saws. It is this feature, which informs you of the type of stock that a band saw can cut as far as thickness is concerned. .

Other concerns apart from the two primary concerns mentioned above that you should have when attempting to buy a vertical type band saw or a horizontal band saw are the accessories you will need and what kind of table you should have. If you are thinking of getting a vertical band saw, you should have an aluminum alloy or steel table; it can be tilted to 45% in order to make angled cuts. The table should have miter track..

For the accessories, ensure the band saw you want to purchase has a miter gauge and rip fence, if these items are not already included. They will prove useful when you are re-sawing, ripping and cross cutting. This is especially so for a vertical band saw. .

A vertical band saw is a band saw that is more often used by professional handymen than hobbyists. This does not mean that hobbyists or DIY enthusiasts cannot use it, but they just need to know more about what it is best suitable for and understand how to use one before getting it. Same attitude should be portrayed when getting a horizontal band saw as well. . has the answers to all the questions that you were afraid to ask about Horizontal Band Saw! To make sure that you will not have to settle for anything less than the full story on Vertical Band Saw and related topics, check out the site right away !

Heavy Metal Fashion

The clothing associated with heavy metal has its roots in the biker,[1] rocker, and leather subcultures. Heavy metal fashion includes elements such as leather jackets; hi-top basketball shoes (more common with old school thrash metallers); blue or black jeans, camouflage pants or shorts, and denim jackets or kutte vests, often adorned with badges, pins and patches. As with the bikers, there is a peculiar fascination with Germanic imagery, such as the Iron Cross

Home”>”>Home SocksDistinct aspects of heavy metal fashion can be credited to various bands, but the band that takes the most credit for revolutionizing the look was Judas Priest, primarily with its singer, Rob Halford.[4] Halford wore a leather costume on stage as early as 1978 to coincide with the promotion for the Hell Bent for Leather album. In a 1998 interview, Halford described the gay biker and leather subculture as the inspiration for this look.[5] Shortly after appropriating the leather look, Halford started appearing onstage on a roaring motor bike. Soon, the rest of the band followed.

It was not long before other bands appropriated the leather look; Iron Maiden’s original singer Paul Di’Anno began wearing leather jackets and studded bracelets,[6][7] Mot?rhead innovated with bullet belts, and Saxon introduced spandex.[8] This fashion was particularly popular with followers of the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) movement in the early 1980s, and sparked a revival for metal in this era.

The original hippie look with satin shirts and bell-bottom pants was out; some believed Halford’s style of dress more appropriate to the music. The studded leather look was extended in subsequent variations, to the wearing of combat boots, studded belts and bracelets, bullet belts, spiked gauntlets, etc. The codpiece, however, appears to have been less popular among the general public.

The style and clothing of metal has absorbed elements from influences as diverse as the musical influences from which the genre has borrowed. It is from this linking of different sub-styles of clothing and music influences that one can sometimes determine a person’s specific taste in music simply from overall appearance. However, such signs are not hard and fast rulings in the majority of cases. This uncertainty is what makes the first key aspect of the metalheads’ identity below so important.

Some of the influences of modern military clothing and the Vietnam War can be seen by the fans and bands of thrash metal, with the members of thrash metal bands of the 1980s like Metallica, Destruction, and Megadeth wearing bullet belts around their waists on stage[9][10] (it is likely that the thrash metal bands got the idea of wearing bullet belts from NWOBHM bands such as Mot?rhead, who have incorporated the bullet belt as part of their aesthetic since their inception, since many thrash metal bands in the 1980s were influenced by Motorhead).

The imagery and values of historic Celtic, Saxon, Viking and Chivalric culture is reflected heavily in metal music, by bands such as Blind Guardian, and has its impact upon the everyday fashion and especially the stagegear of metal artists. The independence, masculinity and honor of the warrior ethos is extremely popular amongst metalheads, as is the rejection of modern day consumerist and metrosexual culture. Folk metal, viking metal and to a lesser extent black metal and power metal fans often grow long thick hair and beards reminiscent of a stereotypical Viking, Saxon and Celt, wear Thor’s Hammer pendants and other neopagan symbols and carry mead horns. On stage, in photoshoots and in music videos it is very common for bands of these genres such as Turisas and Moonsorrow to wear chain mail, animals skins, warpaint (such as woad) and other Dark Ages themed battle gear. Power metal fans and musicians such as Rhapsody of Fire often wear attire reminiscent of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages including tight black or brown leather trousers and wide sleeved, buttonless shirts of various colors. The imagery of bards and minstrels as well as knights is a popular part of power metal fashion.